Monday, July 06, 2009

How is digital TV working for you?

For all the hoopla, and expense, and what not—Plus the mismanagement of the coupons for the converter boxes --and the wholesale planned obsolescences, to me, the whole thing is a reduction of service, at an increased cost.

I've lived in Queens for over 30 years. I've never had an out door antenna, and always had great reception. (OK, for the first 20 years I lived at close to the highest part of Queens, (on top of hill) and now live on the 14th floor of a building situated on a slight rise.(I have a clear view west to Manhattan—and can see uninterupted skyline from 14th street to 125th (Tri-borough/RFK bridge)

Back in June, (rainy, rainy June) about a week after the switch over, Channel 7 (ABC) went off the air (in effect) –No Signal detected was the TV message—during one of the storms.

In the past 30 years I can count the number of times that a major broadcaster has gone off the air on the fingers of one hand, (and have fingers left over)
Ok so it was a big storm—but every other channel worked.

But this weekend, (Oh glorious sunshine!, and starry nights) Channel 4 (NBC) went blank (along with a dozen of the low power UHF stations), too.

I still could get channel 50(or now days, 50-1), WNJN, a PBS station from Montclair NJ (a good 30 miles away) –a station I've always been able to receive with a simple pair of rabbit ears. (I do plan to buy a smaller, more modern antennae one of these days)

I notice all of this because, well computer problems (some what resolved!) have left me with time—and TV has filled some of the time--(cleaning is filling up a lot of the rest!)

Tomorrow, as things get better on the computer front, there will be photo's.
2 completed double knit potholders have turned into 4 completed ones, (and a fifth on the needles.) Blue socks finished, (and blocked) and off to Ms Lacey (the wonderful, almost former knitter who was the generous donor of the knitting material that netted me the BGW Mosaic knitting book, and the 2 volumes of Mary Thomas's book.) Socks are a pretty inadequate response, but it is the thought that counts, isn't it?

And nearing completions--I am at the cuff--a toe up sock. The afterthought heels still need to be done, but they are quick work. They are plain socks, worked in Kroy Jacquards stripes—I had thought to work a pattern—but I liked the self stripe pattern enough, that I did nothing.

Languishing, are the Black pearl scarf and the light red toe up socks—I think about them, but...

Calling out to me, Cotton—I want to do some more potholders, some face clothes, and even an other bathmat.. (or two!)

And on the wind, some lovely hand painted silk (7ounces!) whispers sweet nothings—it is alluring, and it's destiny elusive -but it will make its true purpose known.

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sulu-design said...

Digital TV...
Before the full conversion, we hooked up the box to our old TV and antenna and we were pleased with good reception and a few more channels than usual.
After things switched over completely and officially, we've lost a few channels and have annoying problems with reception.
We haven't watched TV for any amount of time in weeks, so it doesn't matter now. But when new episodes of 30 Rock are on in the Fall, I'm gonna be seriously irritated.