Monday, July 20, 2009

My Get up and GO,

Got up and went....

I have been dragging. No energy. Tired all the time.

Haven't been knitting much (I did 8 or so rounds on the red socks, and half a dozen rows on another pot holder (really a hot pad or place mat its so big!) but nothing else.

Not much cleaning, less shopping. Nothing I planned to do. I just got up, and a few hours later collapsed in exhaustion.

I was beginning to get worried... Silly me!

I realized, Saturday, (when I was struck with a blinding headache)—I was going through caffeine withdrawal!

I've been furloughed since the beginning of July--(I say furloughed because I will be back to work the beginning of August—and while an unpaid vacation is less than desirable, it is, in this economy, so much better than a layoff!)

And since then, my coffee consumption has dropped and dropped.

When working, I headed off to work with a 16 oz mug (travel mug—see the saga of a good travel mug here) of iced coffee.. and on the way to work, I picked up a 12 oz cup from a donut coach.

I usually didn't drink coffee when traveling, but started the coffee about 9:30 (I was up before 7AM, started work at 8:30, and didn't 'need' coffee till then) I nursed the 16 ounces, and by the time I started the 12ounce take away cup, (about noon) it was well chilled (since I would pop it right in the refrigerator as soon as I got work (Are you getting the idea that I like cold, not hot coffee?)

So most mornings, I was drinking 28 oz of coffee! Saturday—I had none!
At home, I had a glass (maybe 16 oz) but not every day..and some days, a lot less. I drank, as I do at home, ice water. (I love cold beverages--I'll even drink tea cold!)

I think by now, I have got my self back into sync.. and can once again function on a lot less coffee.
(but just in case, I have a pitcher of coffee cooling in the fridge). My get up and go has been found, and its name is caffiene!

Yesterday, at Sunday Knitting at Panera's, Kelly (W) was knitting the prettiest socks (I just checked, they are not in her Ravelry projects yet), and when I looked closer, I realized it was Coats & Clarks Heart and Sole sock yarn, an I realized, I had the same colorway.
Its pretty enough in the skein, but just lovely knit up.

So I am holding out the yarn as reward—NO new socks cast on till I finish the red socks—and then Mellow Stripe colorway, You're mine!


gayle said...

I've been dragging, even with coffee. Finally realized it's a lack of sun (rain, rain, go away!) and started a Vitamin D supplement. Much better now.
It's especially good washed down with coffee...

Kristin said...

This is so funny...I totally "reward" my self with new projects too! Just finish this one over here and then I can CO for this lovely one here...