Thursday, July 09, 2009

Oh Technology!

I have a computer since 1982—Yes, that long ago!

I once knew some assembly language, (but I have forgot most of it)

For sure, I am more comfortable with the hardware side of computers than with the software.
Largely because I haven't lived (or worked) in High Tech environment for some years now, I have fallen below the curve in some of my computer knowledge. (but I still rank higher than average on computer and component knowledge than most, and for my age group, I am a virtural genius!)

Technology changes so fast, blink and you get left behind.
(and having a 7 year old PC, with an old (Windows XP) OS, and an old Monitor, and old everything, means when you upgrade its a few hours of learning the new easier ways of doing things...)

I haven't fully switched to my new computer... I need to swap out some components from my old and add them to the new... Like the CD read write.. (the new computer has a CD/DVD read right.. so a second CD isn't really needed, but why not? And i'll move the fire wire too, even though I now have a docking station for my digital camera—and can use that to transfer files.--and I still need to install the photo editing software for my camera.. (and a ton of other adjustments!)

(If i am luck, and i don't think i will be, i'll be able to move memory!--but my new computer is faster, and has more memory that i could imagine! (Years ago, I balked at buying my off to college son a 40 M hard drive.. (yes, M)--I had a hard drive measured in K—and it was $400--
Now I own 2 G SD photocards, and 2 G flash drives.. (that I've purchased for under $40!)

Oh the way things change!

It will be another week or two till I have all my new hardware set up and working bear with with me.. (at least, I have been knitting.. and will when I get it all together, have something to show you!)
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