Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Why yes, I have been knitting...

And a bunch of other stuff!Including falling down flat on my face.. (with a big purple plum bruise in my hand, as well)I could, I should write something—but mostly just photo's.You might note while there are lots of FO's, none are previously featured UFO's.

First, socks!Cervina Calzetteria sock yarn—a pair of top down simple socks (for Ms Elsie Lacey, the former owner of the BGW and Mary Thomas knitting books that are now in my library.

I wasn't sure about the size, so medium and ribs.. Those are 1 X 1 ribs from the tubular cast on to the end of the instep. A standard half round heel, and flat (french) toe –a generic sock.

Then Kroy stripe/jacquard in Fern Rose Garden color way.. Toe up this time, starting
with Judy's Magic cast on, an small gusset at the heel (an after thought heel) finished with 2 X 2 ribbing and hanging bind off, in pattern.
The after thought heel was planned—the stripes on back of the sock are in sequence, on the sole, the pattern breaks.

And yet another pair of socks!

Again, just generic socks, an old (stash) ball of Lion Brand Magic stripes, the denim and brownstripe color way, top down, tubular (my standard!) 1 X1 ribbing that changes to 3 X1 after a short cuff. A flap/turned/gusseted heel, with the ribbing
continuing on the instep, and flat/french toe.

A work-a-day sort of sock --like most Americans, I have a lot of denim in my wardrobe, and blue socks a great go with color for a lot of my clothes.
In addition, some fun with double knitting.
First a simple diagonal stripe (the other side is the same)

Then, some fun...some double knit potholders

Vertical stripes on one side, horizontal on the other..

Then Vertical stripes on side A, and mostly solid with narrow horizontal stripes on side B (the stripes are continuous, (the tension is off)

Then, a less then successful( well to my taste, but other have
admired it) color combo, and some vertical stripes and Bird patterns.

Last night, I actual finished the 2 last rows needed for the heel gusset on
the light red socks (a month old UFO) and will continue (and finish them!)

Nothing else new has been started, (but new double knit potholder will likely be on the needles soon enough!


Anonymous said...

Ouch!!! How on earth are you knitting?! My hands hurt just thinking about it! When I did my prat fall it took weeks before I had full use of my hand without pain. You are one tough lady. Please be careful. Judy

Susie said...

I feel like a slouch getting nothing done compared to you. Great stuff!

penny said...

oh helen! feel better! please take care of yourself.

zippiknits.....sometimes said...

OUCH!! That's enough of that falling stuff. I see you didn't stop knitting. I would have but first I'd have to start it again...what a slacker I have become.

I hope you are feeling better very soon.