Tuesday, August 04, 2009

About my give away..

I've received the suggestion that I should make an effort (a small one) to let EVERYONE know about my blog give away.

Nah, word gets around, and besides, these are really nice prizes, and why dilute the pool with reader who've never been here before, never read or commented, and are only posting for the prize. (and will only stick around till the prizes are awarded)I don't want to build readership (that happens with the day in, day out quality of the posts, I think) as much as I want to (1) get rid of stuff, good stuff, that I don't want, and (2) reward loyal readership--
I don't care if you tell your friend, or blog readers or members of your knitting group.. (but, please don't post about it at places that exist to publicize give aways!)

These prizes are great—broken up each would be a great prize.. but bundled, (and every package has a bonus—or two or three!) they are something special.. (and I really want them to go to a loyal reader, but there is an element of randomness!)

Cause really...Prize 1—
When I say a BAG—I mean this bag..
I stopped counting pockets and organizing
loops when I hit 12!

And when I say a book, I mean this book

And when I say a ball of yarn, I mean a big ball of yarn—that almost 200 gms of mostly merino—just a small amount of silk added for extra luster..

Its a creamy natural white, that you can use as is, or put it into a skein, and dye to the color of your choice.

Its takes takes (and holds) beautifully.

And Prize 2?
Well, the yarn is nothing special--But if you haven't tried it, you're in for a surprise--Coats & Clarks sock yarn is quite nice!

But 6 sets of needles?
--US size 2 bamboo's (set of 5)
--US size 2 circ's (2) 16 inches long
--US size 3 circ's (2) 16 inches long
--US size 2 circ (1) 40 inches long--

Plus a great sock book

With this package, the winner is on their way to socks toe up, cuff down, with every sort of heel, worked any way they want –(and after they decide which way works for them, well, they can give away the other needles (or not!)

Even the 3rd prize has a lot--
The bulky black blend of wool and acrylic (5 skeins) is enough to well, DO something!
Orginally sold as part of kit, 4 skeins were packaged as enough to make a small, open weave poncho-
with the 5th skein, and the 3 skeins of carry along eyelash, and 3 sets of needles (2 straight bamboo, and 1 circular one) well there is a world of possibilities—even if just a scarf and hat set.

It won't be long till I choose the winners.. (and in case you are wondering, comments made from May 11th, (when I first proposed this give away) till closing date(?) (3 month window!) are in the running...

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