Monday, August 03, 2009

Where do I start?

With the piles of computer (desk, hardware and software) that is littering my living space?Forget it.. Not finished, but things are getting in place, and every day sees progress.

Any day now, I will have all he hardware connected, the software loaded and the desk top as it should be.. (just don't hold your breath while waiting!)

Or should I have started with a plea for sympathy?Achy hands (and knees, and hips and shoulders) made moving the computer stuff a double pain (and knitting too) –but really bad as it was, it's nothing. So many live every day with so much more pain, it's small of me to complain. (but it does make make me short tempered and bitchy.)

Should I attempt to talk about knitting?
Well in spite of heat, and rain, and achy days and nights, some knitting has gotten done.

1-- A small place or counter top mat (or hot pad)--it needs a good hot wash and dry to block it--finished size is a about 12 inches square.

It got me thinking, if I can do alternate rows of different color
garter, couldn't I do double knitting that is also illusion knitting (at least on one side!) Not right now, but its a back burner project!

2—Potholder 6 (of 6) is just a few rows from completion.

And then there are the UFO's, and wanna be's.

The black pearl scarf is patiently waiting for completion. I keep losing it... (and out of sight, out of mind)

And the Red socks will be the death of me! Still they will look pretty with my red shoes! That is, if I ever finish them. I will, I will.. one day!

When work starts again (any day now) and fall arrives (unannounced, as a surprise, as seasons do these days!) I will be happy to have a nice little shrug.. (2 rows! OK, so each row is about 1000 (yes, 1 thousand!) stitches, still, it's just 2 rows!

And cool days will be cool—with these 2 yarns made into a some fingerless gloves (maybe the pattern in interweave using the pattern from the knit one below book.)
The self striping is 50/50% wool and acrylic, the cinammon brown, is some hand painted Brown sheep..(wool and mohair)

And look at this collection of silks and satins and plush Touch Me yarn—a scarf, hat and more fingerless gloves? Or should it be a short shawl or even an other shrug to go with?

OR, Should I remind you? It's my blog anniversary?
And there are give aways awaiting?

Yes! 4 of them.

#1 is a Bag, a book, a ball of yarn (and a bonus)--2000 or so yards of lovely wool with just a hint of silk to make it luxurious.

#2—Socks! A collection of needles, (bamboo, and metal) DPN's, short circ's and a long one..with a pattern book and some sock yarn.. The perfect package for someone who is looking to try out all sorts of socks--on DPN's, on 2 circ's, or Magic loop.. Not really a beginners kits, but could be.

#3—Goth? Or Glitter? Suss yarn, (5 skiens/unknown yardage, 50/50% wool and acrylic, bulky weight, and 3 skeins of a delicate eyelash—to knit together or apart, --so many possibilities! Plus a selection of BIG needles, straights and circ's.

#4—the Booby prize! Or is it? Enough yarn for an afghan—wintuk and Paton's d├ęcor, rich claret red, and a claret/beige/brown colorway. 100% acrylic...

A little bit of something for every sort of knitter..
Are you entered? If you posted a comment since I first mentioned I was planning a give away, yes! If not post a comment.. but don't delay.. the Give Away is coming soon!

The first prize winner gets first choice, and so on down the line!
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