Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yankee Swap

Or white elephant, or what ever you call it—we had one, last night at the LICKnits--Find us on Ravelry or Yahoo.

We meet, weekly, (Tuesdays, from about 6PM till (it used be 9..but since our meeting place is open later, it goes till it ends) at Manducatis Rustica
46-35 Vernon Blvd (between 47th Avenue and 46th Road)—and we always welcome newcomers.

The process for the swap –bring a goody bag, get a number, pick a goody bag (and perhaps have the goody ‘stolen’ by another member) –created swaps, and laughter--as well as the request ooh’s and aah’s as the contents of the bags were disclosed.

There was the heavy one (a trick!) but I suggested it was paint (to hand paint yarn for your self!) –and the light one --silk is so much lighter than wool—and the yarns in the various goody bags were top heavy with silk! And wonderful books, too.

I pick (and managed to keep!) a lovely bag of Rowen Summer Tweed (70% silk/30% cotton) in a beautiful shade of deep salmon.. (5 skeins of it! Enough for a summery shell.) This picture doesn’t do justice to the deep color it really is.

Isn’t it pretty?
(just what I need—MORE yarn!)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The (knitting) At Home Socks

Vs. Subway socks.

I haven’t made much progress on the Cascade socks. I was busy this weekend, and READ and worked the Sunday NYTimes crossword puzzle on the subway ride home yesterday, instead of knitting—The Cascade socks are my Subway knitting socks

At home, I worked on the UFO socks I recently unearthed.

I frequently knit this way—with one at home project that sits by the couch waiting for me, and another project that is in my travel bag—with my packed lunch and newspaper (or book).

I had abandoned them at the heel turning (a short row heel) so now the heels are turned, and work is progressing.

The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill –I am sure I got it in a swap—a Jewel tone blend of blue and dark gold’s reds and green. It’s pretty—but I doubt I would have even bought this yarn or color way… Still I like how it’s knitting up.

The Sock is one of my own designs—nothing too special. The front is a set of diagonal ‘ribbons’ that break off from the center –with K2tog making one side of the diagonal, and a YO as the other.

The sole of the sock was shaped with a center line decrease – and now, that I am passed the heel, the diagonal ribbons will continue round the leg. This is basically the same as the red ribbons sock (on Ravelry) with some small improvements. (I blogged about them , too, here)

I need to finish these sock ASAP—it was cool enough this morning to require something for my arms (but its going to be warm enough this afternoon that a long sleeve shirt will be too warm!)

It’s the perfect time for some long wrist warmers to keep my arms warm in the AM (and late PM, too, since I will be out tonight) –and to still have bare arms in the warm afternoon sun shine.

I have the yarn, and wristlet, (or longer!) fingerless gloves are needed NOW!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Some progress

Visible progress that is!

Almost time to start the heel flaps—and then in no time at all they will be done.

And a good thing it is!

I have dozens (about 3 dozen!) of pairs of socks—and one pair is prettier than the next.

But—I’ve realize, a lot of my pretty, fun socks? They don’t match any of my clothes!

Now this might not be a problem if I was young and cool—but old and fat, I risk looking well crazy if my outfits are too outlandish. (and if I wore boots, I suppose it wouldn’t be an issue.. but I almost never wear boots--I am always showing off my socks.

I have LOTS and LOTS of denim--(who doesn’t?) And just a few pairs of blue socks. (OK the socks on the needle are part of the solution)

And I have SCADS and SCADS of purple (and I even have some Patons Kroy in a solid purple) but not much in the way of already knit purple socks.

Teal? Turquoise? Aqua? Yes, yes, yes!
Teal, turquoise, aqua socks? No, no, no.

RED socks –several pairs! Red clothing? Not too much.
Orange socks—Ditto! Orange clothing—nada!

Do you see a trend here? I like and wear cool colored clothing, but like and knit warm colored socks!
Well a remedy is in sight.

Any day now, I’ll have some indigo blue (real indigo, thanks to Kelly!) sock yarn.
And these yarns have forced there way into my stash--some blues and teals, and even a black (and white and grey)--since most of my 'black' socks are multi colors and just have black trim.

And I found a UFO of bluish (and brown, and other colors) socks—they are toe up and the heels been turned—so maybe, by the time I have 4 dozen pairs of sock, I’ll have a few pairs that match my wardrobe—wouldn’t that be a nice thing?

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Still no Knitting

To write of—
But as I mentioned a few weeks ago, I am daily treated to the views of the Broadway Malls.. (malls in the old fashioned sense of the word, not shopping malls!)

For the most part, the malls have trees—some small flowering trees, (some I recognize; such as flowering cherry, or dogwood) and there are big trees too, (well bigger/biggish--the subway runs below B’way, and there is a limit to root growth!) Some pin oaks, and some thorn-less locusts—both are popular choices for street trees in NYC--and they predominate on the malls. Gingkos, lindens and flowering pears are pretty common too, in some neighborhoods, but i haven't seen too many here abouts.

At the ends of most malls, (the cross walks) there are mini parks—raised flowers beds, a bench and waste basket--and a small wall--to protect the area from cars and trucks that might go astray. (There are also utilitarian structures like street lamps, traffic lights, too)
The flower beds are mixture of perennials and annuals—and they are quite lush!

The Coleus is easily 3 foot tall (and in
a raised bed, is taller than me!)—the mint, as mint is want to do, tries to take over, but the hostas and daylilies put up a good fight.
There are geraniums, and sedums, and a lot of other flowers (that I don’t know!)
I walk a scant 2 blocks, and I am treated to a wonderful array of flora.

Here… see what I mean!

First—one of the smaller stores in existence.--notice, the entry door takes up
about half the width of the store front, (and the store front is a foot wider than most of the store!)

A single daylilly --blooms out of season--and look at the begonia.. amazing!

I don't know what these are--they look like zinnia's--but the foliage is wrong.
And finally, one of the daily sanmen (as NYC Dept of Sanitation employees like to be known) –patiently waiting for a red light to turn green, so he can finish sweeping up!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

What have I been doing?

Not knitting –well not much knitting.

I have frogged the ruffle--but I haven’t done anything else to the shrug.
I don’t think frogging counts as knitting!

I have knit 1 more repeat of the rippling water pattern for the sock—all of 12 rounds.

I’ve been reading –What the Body Remembers, by Shauna Singh Baldwin
(Which leave me hungry for Indian food!--so much so, I am planning to eat out Indian food this week!)

I’ve been making Video’s--Lot's and lot's of them! and editing them, and generally trying to upgrade the quality. (A real task! I am in running for the worlds worst photographer... and my video casts are about the same quality! Thank goodness I have a pleasant voice--It creates at least one positive aspect of the productions!)--but none of them are ready for the public yet.

I‘ve been working on a (still secret) project—that has nothing everything to do with knitting.

And I have been a bit lazy! But fall is the best time of the year, and I'll soon be back in full swing.

Friday, September 18, 2009

A Good Idea. Gone wrong…

And a stitch pattern gone wrong? A good idea!

I thought a simple shrug, (similar to the One Skein wonder, and a handful of other cropped raglan sleeve based designs) would look better with a ruffle.

Obviously I failed to think it through!

This ruffle might look attractive on some one who weighs in under 100 lbs when soaking wet, but its not going to look good (or feel good) on me.

Maybe if the ruffle was softer, (and took 12 rows to double—instead of doubling in stitch count ever other row (for 12 rows)

Maybe if the yarn was softer--this lovely wool tweed is not the softest wool in the world, and it’s a heavy worsted (aran) weight not fingering weight wool, and the ruffles fell and draped, (instead of being as stiff as corrugated board)
Maybe if.. (endless other details that I failed to consider….)

Well I’ve only bound off about 25% of the stitches--and its enough. I admit it-- it’s bad.

So, all those hours, all that tedium? It will be undone tonight, and the front of the shrug will be re-designed.

I am thinking of a lace perhaps. Nothing too froo-froo.. a simple garter lace…

Or a Cable… I could knit a cable band.. Or..

Well, there are lots of ideas… and just about any one of them will look better!

Today, I am working on my socks… These are another failure—NOT!

I really never found exactly what I was looking for in a stitch pattern-- and settled.

Then, I started working the pattern at night—and while I can do lots of things at night, more and more as I get older, and older, I think less well at night!

Converting the flat pattern into one worked in the round required 2 changes--and I made just 1.

I knew by round 3 I was doing it wrong. But I decided to proceed.--and see how it worked out.

It’s great! I wanted a stitch pattern that wasn’t lacy (and this one isn’t) and that looked like water tumbling over rocks. (the color way of this yarn is called Cascade)

This pattern with its lumps and bumps, (which flatten out a good deal when on) and its changing directions of stitches, look to me like the soft rills and rapids of a fast running stream

Ok, so I am being poetic-- but the failed pattern works!
And it looks like nothing else I’ve seen.

Working with out a net has disadvantages. The ruffle is a failure (and when you think about the time and effort of working all those stitches, a monumental failure)

But the sock pattern? A success!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Find a penny, Pick it up,

Find a penny, Pick it up,

All the day, You’ll have good luck.

I found a penny (heads up, natch) this morning—but it was confirming, not creating my good luck.

My own personal barometer of financial health is parking.

I live next to a large (for NYC) cluster of stores—Sears, Marshall’s, Old Navy, Bed Bath and Beyond… (and what was a Circuit City)

For the past 8 years that I have live here, parking, while not easy, has been possible, and rhythmic.
One general rule was: as the stores closed for the evening, people came to their cars, and there was turn over and the opportunity to park.

But this has changed. Now, business is off, the shoppers are, if not gone, fewer, and farther between, one very large store remains vacant. And parking space turn over between 9 PM and 10PM, (closing time) is down.

Last night, after knitting—I parked in a metered space (the meter were not in effect)—it was, after a 20 minute wait, the only space available—and the likelihood of one opening up was growing smaller by the second.

This morning—I had the task of finding a space—or pulling into the parking lot and paying for a space. As luck would have it--a space—(right by the side door of my building!) materialized—this is exceedingly luckier than finding a penny!

Because I needed to move my car—I was in a hurry as I took photographs—

First (finally!) the black pearl scarf is completed. (7 months! Disgraceful!)

It’s pretty and fun (I was never seen by a Ravelry member of the Subway knitters group, but LOTS of none knitters smiled at the shine black pearls!) but..

I have no use for it… I’ll never wear it. Maybe I’ll send it off to my grand daughter for dress up –(maybe she’ll have to fight with her scarf/stole/ shawl wearing mother for it.)

And last night I got 1 row (well 2 half rows) of the ruffle (the damnitible ruffle) on the teal shrug I started back in June. 3 more half rows (well almost 3 more half rows, one of them is short row) and then I can bind off the ruffle.. You can see, by the curl of the stitches on the needle that one side (the right) has more 'curl' (it also has 3 more rows (2 increase rows) than the left.

Here’s hoping it looks the way I want, and hangs well—it’s hard to tell on the needles where the stitches are bunched up and compressed.

IN Theory is should be fine (but for years, the theory was that bumble bee’s wings weren’t big enough to support their weight—but bumble bees didn’t know about that theory, and flew with abandon!)

The ruffle should just about finish ball 2 of this yarn. The basic shrug used 1 ball.
Then, ball 3 will be worked for the center and from the outside to knit some sleeves—ruffled, too!

The sleeves (and the main ruffle on the shrug) are/will be un even.

Right now, on the body of the shrug, there is just a very small –by which I mean short and not to much of an increase—ruffle in the back of the shrug. (6 rows to double the stitch count)—a ripple more than a ruffle!

The front and center has almost 6 times the original stitch count, and it is 12 rows deep. Each row saw the number of stitches being doubled there.

As it curves down to the side, the short rows diminish the depth, and the volume of the ruffle—the ruffle peters out to the ripple.

The sleeves will follow the same plan—deep (both with rows and stitches) ruffles on the top of the sleeve, shallow ripples at the underarm.

Today’s piece of chocolate goes to Susan, of Sulu designs
Her blog is a not a knitting blog—but one used to showcase her jewelry and what inspires her designs.. It’s hard to tell which is the more beautiful!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It’s now getting to a count down…

5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

I got 2 pearls knit yesterday on the subway ride home.. who knows, with a small effort, I might finish it tonight!

Already, looks less like a caterpillar, and more like a string of graduated pearls.

And it looks like, as sometimes happens, that this ball of yarn is a few yards shorter than the first—and that I will need to start a 3rd ball to finish off the scarf…

I have a third (and fourth and fifth ball!) so it’s not an issue.

And here is a photo of the mellow stripes—with the toes grafted.

Nothing else to show—I’ve decided on a stitch pattern for the newest socks—but I haven’t started to knit it! They sit, cast on and cuffed, and leg-less.

The Teal shrug is sitting patiently waiting for me to pick it and finish it…

Meanwhile I have been thinking about entering my Mast socks in the Fair at the Queens County Farm Museum Fair--It is this weekend.

If you live in NYC and have never been to the Museum, it’s worth the trip—even thought it is rather GU (Geographically Unreachable!) –except by car.

There is no close subway—You can take the F train to the last stop, (and a bus to almost the last stop, AND walk 3 blocks. (rather long ones!) Or take the LIRR—The Port Washington Branch to Little Neck Station. From there, a city bus, or car service (it’s about 2.5 miles—away (uphill most of the way) from the station.
It’s easy enough to get to, (and there is parking) if you drive.

The Farm itself is about 40 acres.
It’s small time –and technically not part of the State fair system--but it has some interesting exhibits. And small time has the advantage of no “Midway’ filled with barkers—though there are plenty of trailers of junk food—fried funnel cakes and the like.

Today’s piece of chocolate goes to:
Nanette. I love her color work—I don’t knit mittens or gloves with any regularity..but I totally get her obsession!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Loops with in loops, within loops

I could be talking about knitting.. after all that what knitting is, loops in loops, in loops.

But it’s also true of the world of knitting.

Person (or pattern!) A leads you to pattern (or person) B, and this connects to…
And very quickly, everything is interconnected, looped together into a fabric of connections.

What lead me to Katherine Misagades blog? Was it her lacy knit hat (in A Gathering of Lace?) –I’ve done a simpler (to block) lace hat, too—and she and Ann Modiset have been inspirational.

Or was it Andrea Wong’s blog about knitting? –Andrea knits in a style sometimes called portugeses, sometimes called eastern- best characterized by how the yarn is manipulated (left hand, and stitches made with thumb)—Andrea just calls it knitting the Wong Way!

I know I have sent other knitters to her blog—Lisa (years ago, when Flock Sock Club was new (and I became that Dratted Helen) for an idea on a heel—which she didn’t use, but it did set her off on the path of a different heel!

And when some one was recently looking for an idea of V shaped scarf on Ravelry—I pointed out Katherine’s Patricia Scarf—More of U than a V—but the same basic idea—a shaped scarf that stays on you neck and shoulders with out bunching up.
This is an idea that several of us have toyed with (see also: Nancy Wiseman’s Knitted Shawl, Stoles and Scarves, or Lynn Barr’s Knitting New Scarves for other’s who have also re-invented this particular wheel)

Well, one special loop in this fabric is the Box of Chocolates Award (which was bestowed on Katherine, and she passed it on to me.)

About the Award—it was created by Pam, and she has this to say about it..

In my best southern accent, I would like to say that I have been thinking about a new award and what I would like it to say. People are like Forrest Gump said ” Life is like a box of chocolates and you never know what you’re gonna get. You can see this box of chocolates is filled with different and unique candies and just like the chocolates we are all different and unique people. We are the same in that we all have common ingredients that make us more a like than not. Except for the frosting, which represents our personalities, we are indeed very similar on the inside.”

And of course there are rules:

1. That you must pass this award to others.

2. Link back to me when you have passed them forward.

3. Write a nice post about this award.

4. You must read this award with a southern accent. I call it southern day where we all have to speak with a southern accent. I know that will be hard for some of you, but for the rest of us, we will be fine. So now, ya’ll just enjoy this little ol’ award and have fun with it.

Well—something like this is too wonderful to take in all at once –just a a good box of chocolates should be savored, and not scarved down in sitting...

So I will be slowly sending out boxes all week.

To start—Robyn

Friday, September 11, 2009

Pearling along…

4 new black pearls in the past 2 days-- (9 to go!)I am 5 pearls past the midway point, and about 3/4ths of way done.

The Center pearls each started with 4 stitches, and maxing out at the fullest point with 48 stitches. Now, with 4 ’40 stitch’ pearls complete, the next few pearls will max out with 32 stitches. (The centermost pearl (back) has a marker in it.)

In theory, with each pearl getting smaller, each pearl should be faster and easier to knit.

But in reality, the scarf is getting long, (and getting in the way) and the yarn gets caught –and twisted in between the pearls unless I am careful to turn clockwise one ‘row’ and counter clockwise on the next --since I am working magic loop, each half round ‘feels like’ a row.

And it’s bigger—the stuffed pearls make the scarf take up more and more room in my knitting bag than the yarn did (I keep a small bag of polyfil in the knitting bag, too, and have replenished several times. So the extra bulk has been sneaking up.)

It’s cold and rainy today—and as I took the photographs of the pearls, I saw the bag with the teal shrug (I’m going to need it any day now) and the bag with the striped yarn for the fingerless gloves (I’ll want those too!)

More than ever, I want to get this WIP moved into the FO pile, and get to work on some other project!

It is a sad anniversary today, but I sometimes think all the memorials and activity keep the wound fresh, and quieter, simpler remembrances would be better. I’ve done a memorial in the past, and I don’t think I can say anything more, or better.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Mellow Stripes done—

No photo of them with the toes grafted and off the needle (not really much different looking than yesterday!)

Newest pair of socks have a cuff—but I haven’t decide on a pattern yet for the leg and instep—tonight or tomorrow, I will look through my stitch dictionaries, and find something that appeals to me—I want something that looks like water—a stream or rapids, or just flowing water…

I didn’t get to knitting last night –I could bore you with detail of RA, of aches and pains, and fevers—but, well, if you bless with good health, thank the powers that be, and if not, you have your own problems and don’t want to hear about mine!

This morning, I packed the Black Pearl scarf into my bag…I am past the midway point, the pearls will be growing smaller, faster and easier to knit. If I just knit them!

The black pearl scarf is my take on the Pearl scarf from the book Knitting New Scarves by Lynn Barr—

Every time I start a scarf, I swear it is (or will be) the last scarf I ever knit—but I really love every scarf in Knitting New Scarves…(and have some silk to make into a another design from the same book!)

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Just a Graft away from Completion…

And I forgot my tapestry needle!

It would be a disaster –but fortunately, I have a spare set of sock needles (2 size (US) 2 needles)—and some handy dandy sock yarn, so I can cast on for a new pair, and not be left with nothing to knit!

And just in time—Summer has ended—months of wearing sandals, slip on’s and sneakers (sans socks) ended today. I have on a pale blue shirt, with darker blue and taupe floral print, a navy skirt and a new pair of socks—Lion Brand magic stripes—(the old Lion Brand sock yarn) in navy, blue and brown. Navy shoes complete the ensemble.

Tonight, at Tuesday knit night, I am going to work on the Black Pearl scarf—It’s been a WIP too long, and I need to finish it, and the teal shrug (any day now, I’ll be needing the shrug!) and to get started on some more fingerless gloves…

Oh, my queue of things I am waiting to knit, I am willing to knit, I want to knit is growing—longer and faster than I can knit!

A down side to the new location of my job is a longer commute… but the upside is more knitting time spent knitting each day—

And the MTA seem bound and determined to make the long commute even longer--and, no that is not a good thing! Oh how I hate the MTA!

Friday, September 04, 2009

Blame it on Rio

OK, so I am not now, (nor have I ever been) in Rio

Blame it on the full moon
(Yes, I know, it won’t be full till later today)

Blame it on…Well let’s put the blame where it belongs—on the NYC Dept of Sanitation, in co-operation with the NYC Dept of Traffic.
Blame it on Alternate Side of the Street Parking Regulations--
The bane of a car owners life in urban areas!

To keep urban areas of the city clean (and yes, there are parts of NYC that are less urban—with single family homes on tree lined streets and avenues) NYC requires the streets to be cleared of parked cars, so mechanical street sweepers can clean the curb/gutter area.

In my neighborhood, the West side of the street (vs the avenue) prohibits parking Thursday, 9:30 to 11:00(AM) and prohibits parking on East side on Friday (same hours)

The Avenue (with lots of commercial properties) has alternate side parking regulations EVERY day (from 8:00/8:30 AM on one side of the street, and 8:30/9:00AM on the other side of the street)

And, (adding insult to injury!) most of the spaces are metered ($0.75 an hour, from 9:00AM till 10:00PM) I NEVER park on the Avenue!

Tuesday night (after my regular Tuesday knitting in LIC) I came home and parked on the Thursday side of the Street—So Wednesday, right after work, I looked for a space on the Friday side.

In what can only be described as a dream sequence, I saw a driver enter his parked car almost directly across the street from mine. I was still a few hundred feet from my car.
I sprinted to my car—hopped in, and started it --the driver across the street still hadn’t moved. --The brake lights had flashed when he started the car--but the car was still there. As I fastened my seat belt, another driver (who had seen me get in my car) pulled up behind me to wait for my space—and was oblivious to the car across the street. Traffic came and went—and finally the street was clear, and I made my move.

I pulled out, (made a U turn) and watched the other car pull out almost at the same instant! I parked in the good till Friday space—the whole maneuver taking less than 3 minutes!

Of course, yesterday, I had to repeat it—and move my car from the Friday side of the street back to the Thursday side.

And this time (like most times) there wasn’t a handy driver, or an empty space immediately available.

So it was time to run an errand—(more problems) and I missed my turn! The next place to turn round was at the small shopping center that has an AC Moore.

Now, my knitting mojo has been gone, and I haven’t had the desire to enter a LYS or a Micheal’s or JoAnnes or ACMoore for weeks now.

But I needed to take care of a call of nature, and FORCED myself to park and browse the store. Really, I was VERY RESTRAINED.

I ONLY bought sock yarn—6 small skeins. This first one is the Tangerine color way of the the jacquard stripe.

I didn’t buy Patons new Bamboo Angora—How I stopped myself I don’t know!
To the Right--> the Clover color way of the FX sock yarn

I didn’t buy Lion Brands new Alpine Wool--this was a bit easier to resist—it has a smaller range of colors (9) available)

I didn’t buy EVERY new sock yarn (and there were many new colorways of Heart and Sole as well as new Kroy Jacquards, and Kroy Fx!)

I am fast approaching the toe of my Mellow (yellow) Stripes socks—(I knit well over an inch since yesterday!) And I have enough sock yarn in my stash for some 30 something pairs (make that 30 something PLUS 3 pairs of socks now) But sock yarn doesn’t count, right?

Below, Cameo Camoflauge colorway.
We won’t discuss that I don’t have room enough in sock drawer for the 30 + pairs of socks I own now—(with a new pair to be added in a day or two, and the red sock—well they will be finished someday!)

The very next time I have a coupon, or the very next Moonlight Madness sale is likely to find me scooping up a few balls of Patons Bamboo Angora—Oh! what a Hat it will make—or perhaps a smoke ring.. or fingerless gloves.. or a set…
(stop it!)

My stash of yarns is obscene, and I have a queue of projects (with yarn already purchased!) as long as my arm.. but…Oh the colors and hand! How can I resist?

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Three weeks later..

One 3 hour project completed…a double knit potholder--worked in Sugar 'n Cream self striping and another (no name) solid pink cotton yarn.

The solid pink didn't really offer enough contrast to make the pattern (Vertical stripes) pop, but it’s better than nothing--knitting wise!

I hope (if I get the energy!) to make a few more potholders.

Back in August, (the 22nd) my daughter had a fund raising sale for her planned Avon walk—(She raised $600!) and has another planned for September 29th—
I contributed hand knit potholders—along with other kitchen tools—to make kitchen gift sets for the first event. Ideally, I’ll have some more (besides this one!) potholders and kitchen tools for more sets for the next event.

In my bag today, for subway knitting, a pair of socks—not the red ones, but a pair worked in Red Heart (aka Coats & Clarks) Heart and Sole—they are short –in the leg.

I should have cast on more stitches for a cabled sock—but I hadn’t really planned what I was going to knit when I cast on! These do go over my heel, but reluctantly, so they have shorter than average legs. Because they are snug, I stopped cabling at the end of the gusset, and switched to a simple rib for the instep.

I love this color way—named Mellow Stripes.

I had been holding off starting these--I was planning to use this yarn as a reward to myself for finishing the red socks—but I cheated, and started these socks anyway (and will likely finish them before I finish the red socks!)

I have a new yellow shirt to wear—(see July 23rd blog entry)—and these socks will work with yellow!

I dress rather casually at work—(I could wear just about anything) but I sort of like to have some coordination in my clothing—3 F’s are bad enough, I don’t need to go for the 4F look (Female, Fat, Fifty and Funky!)

To get away with Funky, I have to loose an F (fat) and until I do, I just avoid the 4 F look—and try to co-ordinate my socks to my outfits.

This is not always easy—sock yarns come in such wonderful colors and fun colorways and effects. Easily my socks are the most colorful part of my wardrobe (which is pretty colorful!)

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

My bad.

I just haven’t been knitting--or doing much of anything else!

Two weeks now, and I still haven’t finished a 3 hour project.(a double knit potholder)

The red socks (started back in JUNE!) still aren’t finished.

Other WIP are no where, and even startitis has been an issue—A skein of beautiful silk tries to tempt me—colorful yarns beckon, but nothing works.

I ran the contest, awarded prizes, (mailed them off*) and just haven’t had any energy to do anything—anything at all.

I have mounds of laundry to do—some needs to be washed, (dried, folded) some needs to be just put away –I have been dressing from the laundry basket, not the closet!

And while my freezer is full of prepared dinners, but zapping is too much effort—I have been supping on salad and yoghurt—or sometimes just fresh fruit—though I did treat myself to some Chinese food last week –a dinner out with a friend, and then finished up the leftovers the next night.

I am back to work—Working again at “the” internet cafĂ©—Now located at 101st Street Broadway (come visit!)—the locations is in contention for the world’s smallest store--It’s about 50 feet deep (front to back) but less than 6 feet wide!

It’s amazingly well designed—my cubby is a bit cramped, (but 3 times the size of the customer’s internet stations!) The neighborhood is wonderful, and Broadway is Broadway, the neighborhood associations have done some nice planting in the islands, and bright colorful flowers are eye candy.

Well, summer is coming to an end, and the summer doldrums will pass too.
Already, the nights are cool—and today is a precursor of those wonderful days of autumn—clear, clear blue skies.. sunny but a comfortable 70° something outside.

On day soon, there will be a cool breeze, and the urge to knit will be awakened…
I’ll awake chilled, and look for a pair of wool socks, and want to knit more…and everyday, I’ll go on and on about what I’m knitting now.. but till then..