Friday, September 04, 2009

Blame it on Rio

OK, so I am not now, (nor have I ever been) in Rio

Blame it on the full moon
(Yes, I know, it won’t be full till later today)

Blame it on…Well let’s put the blame where it belongs—on the NYC Dept of Sanitation, in co-operation with the NYC Dept of Traffic.
Blame it on Alternate Side of the Street Parking Regulations--
The bane of a car owners life in urban areas!

To keep urban areas of the city clean (and yes, there are parts of NYC that are less urban—with single family homes on tree lined streets and avenues) NYC requires the streets to be cleared of parked cars, so mechanical street sweepers can clean the curb/gutter area.

In my neighborhood, the West side of the street (vs the avenue) prohibits parking Thursday, 9:30 to 11:00(AM) and prohibits parking on East side on Friday (same hours)

The Avenue (with lots of commercial properties) has alternate side parking regulations EVERY day (from 8:00/8:30 AM on one side of the street, and 8:30/9:00AM on the other side of the street)

And, (adding insult to injury!) most of the spaces are metered ($0.75 an hour, from 9:00AM till 10:00PM) I NEVER park on the Avenue!

Tuesday night (after my regular Tuesday knitting in LIC) I came home and parked on the Thursday side of the Street—So Wednesday, right after work, I looked for a space on the Friday side.

In what can only be described as a dream sequence, I saw a driver enter his parked car almost directly across the street from mine. I was still a few hundred feet from my car.
I sprinted to my car—hopped in, and started it --the driver across the street still hadn’t moved. --The brake lights had flashed when he started the car--but the car was still there. As I fastened my seat belt, another driver (who had seen me get in my car) pulled up behind me to wait for my space—and was oblivious to the car across the street. Traffic came and went—and finally the street was clear, and I made my move.

I pulled out, (made a U turn) and watched the other car pull out almost at the same instant! I parked in the good till Friday space—the whole maneuver taking less than 3 minutes!

Of course, yesterday, I had to repeat it—and move my car from the Friday side of the street back to the Thursday side.

And this time (like most times) there wasn’t a handy driver, or an empty space immediately available.

So it was time to run an errand—(more problems) and I missed my turn! The next place to turn round was at the small shopping center that has an AC Moore.

Now, my knitting mojo has been gone, and I haven’t had the desire to enter a LYS or a Micheal’s or JoAnnes or ACMoore for weeks now.

But I needed to take care of a call of nature, and FORCED myself to park and browse the store. Really, I was VERY RESTRAINED.

I ONLY bought sock yarn—6 small skeins. This first one is the Tangerine color way of the the jacquard stripe.

I didn’t buy Patons new Bamboo Angora—How I stopped myself I don’t know!
To the Right--> the Clover color way of the FX sock yarn

I didn’t buy Lion Brands new Alpine Wool--this was a bit easier to resist—it has a smaller range of colors (9) available)

I didn’t buy EVERY new sock yarn (and there were many new colorways of Heart and Sole as well as new Kroy Jacquards, and Kroy Fx!)

I am fast approaching the toe of my Mellow (yellow) Stripes socks—(I knit well over an inch since yesterday!) And I have enough sock yarn in my stash for some 30 something pairs (make that 30 something PLUS 3 pairs of socks now) But sock yarn doesn’t count, right?

Below, Cameo Camoflauge colorway.
We won’t discuss that I don’t have room enough in sock drawer for the 30 + pairs of socks I own now—(with a new pair to be added in a day or two, and the red sock—well they will be finished someday!)

The very next time I have a coupon, or the very next Moonlight Madness sale is likely to find me scooping up a few balls of Patons Bamboo Angora—Oh! what a Hat it will make—or perhaps a smoke ring.. or fingerless gloves.. or a set…
(stop it!)

My stash of yarns is obscene, and I have a queue of projects (with yarn already purchased!) as long as my arm.. but…Oh the colors and hand! How can I resist?


gayle said...

Sock yarn totally doesn't count. Never has, never will.
If I had stores near me that carried those kinds of things, I wouldn't be able to get my front door shut ever again, without some serious sock-yarn-stuffing going on...

Anonymous said...

Sock yarn doesn't count! And I am proud of you with the level of restraint you showed while shopping. What I want to know is how to cycle my material and yarn through fast enough so I can buy more without feeling guilty. It has been suggested getting a store front, but I think they just want a place to set without being poked. Judy

Anonymous said...

Hi! I've read and enjoyed your Knitting in the Round segments and I am anxious to read about the ratios for increases and decrease for shaping flat and cupped round shapes. I usually just whale away to get my felted bowls but I want to write out a pattern and would love to understand the basic structure. Does knitting more plain rounds between increase rounds reduce the rate of curve? I'm going for a globelike shape. Thanks if you can help me. Sarah