Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Find a penny, Pick it up,

Find a penny, Pick it up,

All the day, You’ll have good luck.

I found a penny (heads up, natch) this morning—but it was confirming, not creating my good luck.

My own personal barometer of financial health is parking.

I live next to a large (for NYC) cluster of stores—Sears, Marshall’s, Old Navy, Bed Bath and Beyond… (and what was a Circuit City)

For the past 8 years that I have live here, parking, while not easy, has been possible, and rhythmic.
One general rule was: as the stores closed for the evening, people came to their cars, and there was turn over and the opportunity to park.

But this has changed. Now, business is off, the shoppers are, if not gone, fewer, and farther between, one very large store remains vacant. And parking space turn over between 9 PM and 10PM, (closing time) is down.

Last night, after knitting—I parked in a metered space (the meter were not in effect)—it was, after a 20 minute wait, the only space available—and the likelihood of one opening up was growing smaller by the second.

This morning—I had the task of finding a space—or pulling into the parking lot and paying for a space. As luck would have it--a space—(right by the side door of my building!) materialized—this is exceedingly luckier than finding a penny!

Because I needed to move my car—I was in a hurry as I took photographs—

First (finally!) the black pearl scarf is completed. (7 months! Disgraceful!)

It’s pretty and fun (I was never seen by a Ravelry member of the Subway knitters group, but LOTS of none knitters smiled at the shine black pearls!) but..

I have no use for it… I’ll never wear it. Maybe I’ll send it off to my grand daughter for dress up –(maybe she’ll have to fight with her scarf/stole/ shawl wearing mother for it.)

And last night I got 1 row (well 2 half rows) of the ruffle (the damnitible ruffle) on the teal shrug I started back in June. 3 more half rows (well almost 3 more half rows, one of them is short row) and then I can bind off the ruffle.. You can see, by the curl of the stitches on the needle that one side (the right) has more 'curl' (it also has 3 more rows (2 increase rows) than the left.

Here’s hoping it looks the way I want, and hangs well—it’s hard to tell on the needles where the stitches are bunched up and compressed.

IN Theory is should be fine (but for years, the theory was that bumble bee’s wings weren’t big enough to support their weight—but bumble bees didn’t know about that theory, and flew with abandon!)

The ruffle should just about finish ball 2 of this yarn. The basic shrug used 1 ball.
Then, ball 3 will be worked for the center and from the outside to knit some sleeves—ruffled, too!

The sleeves (and the main ruffle on the shrug) are/will be un even.

Right now, on the body of the shrug, there is just a very small –by which I mean short and not to much of an increase—ruffle in the back of the shrug. (6 rows to double the stitch count)—a ripple more than a ruffle!

The front and center has almost 6 times the original stitch count, and it is 12 rows deep. Each row saw the number of stitches being doubled there.

As it curves down to the side, the short rows diminish the depth, and the volume of the ruffle—the ruffle peters out to the ripple.

The sleeves will follow the same plan—deep (both with rows and stitches) ruffles on the top of the sleeve, shallow ripples at the underarm.

Today’s piece of chocolate goes to Susan, of Sulu designs
Her blog is a not a knitting blog—but one used to showcase her jewelry and what inspires her designs.. It’s hard to tell which is the more beautiful!

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