Friday, September 18, 2009

A Good Idea. Gone wrong…

And a stitch pattern gone wrong? A good idea!

I thought a simple shrug, (similar to the One Skein wonder, and a handful of other cropped raglan sleeve based designs) would look better with a ruffle.

Obviously I failed to think it through!

This ruffle might look attractive on some one who weighs in under 100 lbs when soaking wet, but its not going to look good (or feel good) on me.

Maybe if the ruffle was softer, (and took 12 rows to double—instead of doubling in stitch count ever other row (for 12 rows)

Maybe if the yarn was softer--this lovely wool tweed is not the softest wool in the world, and it’s a heavy worsted (aran) weight not fingering weight wool, and the ruffles fell and draped, (instead of being as stiff as corrugated board)
Maybe if.. (endless other details that I failed to consider….)

Well I’ve only bound off about 25% of the stitches--and its enough. I admit it-- it’s bad.

So, all those hours, all that tedium? It will be undone tonight, and the front of the shrug will be re-designed.

I am thinking of a lace perhaps. Nothing too froo-froo.. a simple garter lace…

Or a Cable… I could knit a cable band.. Or..

Well, there are lots of ideas… and just about any one of them will look better!

Today, I am working on my socks… These are another failure—NOT!

I really never found exactly what I was looking for in a stitch pattern-- and settled.

Then, I started working the pattern at night—and while I can do lots of things at night, more and more as I get older, and older, I think less well at night!

Converting the flat pattern into one worked in the round required 2 changes--and I made just 1.

I knew by round 3 I was doing it wrong. But I decided to proceed.--and see how it worked out.

It’s great! I wanted a stitch pattern that wasn’t lacy (and this one isn’t) and that looked like water tumbling over rocks. (the color way of this yarn is called Cascade)

This pattern with its lumps and bumps, (which flatten out a good deal when on) and its changing directions of stitches, look to me like the soft rills and rapids of a fast running stream

Ok, so I am being poetic-- but the failed pattern works!
And it looks like nothing else I’ve seen.

Working with out a net has disadvantages. The ruffle is a failure (and when you think about the time and effort of working all those stitches, a monumental failure)

But the sock pattern? A success!


Robyn said...

The sock is gorgeous - great yarn too. The colors and pattern are working perfectly.

And the ruffle, well, at least it has comedy going for it! Well, maybe you will be able to laugh in a month or two....

Susie said...

Not crazy about the ruffle either but the yarn looks lovely. LOVE the sock! Can't wait to see the finished pair!

Dimple said...

I agree, the ruffle is too much. But the sock pattern is very effective; it looks a lot like water ripples.
I one time knit an aran-style sweater for my first husband. I'm not a designer, and I used a pattern for his chest size. Unfortunately it was designed for a WOMAN with that size chest! Needless to say, it didn't fit him at all! Looked quite ludicrous, actually! So I ripped the whole thing & redid it. A friend told me she would have given it to someone it did fit, and started over! I certainly learned a lot!
I'm sure your redo will be just what you want.