Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It’s now getting to a count down…

5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

I got 2 pearls knit yesterday on the subway ride home.. who knows, with a small effort, I might finish it tonight!

Already, looks less like a caterpillar, and more like a string of graduated pearls.

And it looks like, as sometimes happens, that this ball of yarn is a few yards shorter than the first—and that I will need to start a 3rd ball to finish off the scarf…

I have a third (and fourth and fifth ball!) so it’s not an issue.

And here is a photo of the mellow stripes—with the toes grafted.

Nothing else to show—I’ve decided on a stitch pattern for the newest socks—but I haven’t started to knit it! They sit, cast on and cuffed, and leg-less.

The Teal shrug is sitting patiently waiting for me to pick it and finish it…

Meanwhile I have been thinking about entering my Mast socks in the Fair at the Queens County Farm Museum Fair--It is this weekend.

If you live in NYC and have never been to the Museum, it’s worth the trip—even thought it is rather GU (Geographically Unreachable!) –except by car.

There is no close subway—You can take the F train to the last stop, (and a bus to almost the last stop, AND walk 3 blocks. (rather long ones!) Or take the LIRR—The Port Washington Branch to Little Neck Station. From there, a city bus, or car service (it’s about 2.5 miles—away (uphill most of the way) from the station.
It’s easy enough to get to, (and there is parking) if you drive.

The Farm itself is about 40 acres.
It’s small time –and technically not part of the State fair system--but it has some interesting exhibits. And small time has the advantage of no “Midway’ filled with barkers—though there are plenty of trailers of junk food—fried funnel cakes and the like.

Today’s piece of chocolate goes to:
Nanette. I love her color work—I don’t knit mittens or gloves with any regularity..but I totally get her obsession!

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Nanette said...

I've also noticed balls of yarn that have different quantities of yarn! It is so weird!

Thanks so much for the chocolate! I have told myself I'm not going to post on my blog until I actually finish a project (I've been lazy) so it might be a while. :)