Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Just a Graft away from Completion…

And I forgot my tapestry needle!

It would be a disaster –but fortunately, I have a spare set of sock needles (2 size (US) 2 needles)—and some handy dandy sock yarn, so I can cast on for a new pair, and not be left with nothing to knit!

And just in time—Summer has ended—months of wearing sandals, slip on’s and sneakers (sans socks) ended today. I have on a pale blue shirt, with darker blue and taupe floral print, a navy skirt and a new pair of socks—Lion Brand magic stripes—(the old Lion Brand sock yarn) in navy, blue and brown. Navy shoes complete the ensemble.

Tonight, at Tuesday knit night, I am going to work on the Black Pearl scarf—It’s been a WIP too long, and I need to finish it, and the teal shrug (any day now, I’ll be needing the shrug!) and to get started on some more fingerless gloves…

Oh, my queue of things I am waiting to knit, I am willing to knit, I want to knit is growing—longer and faster than I can knit!

A down side to the new location of my job is a longer commute… but the upside is more knitting time spent knitting each day—

And the MTA seem bound and determined to make the long commute even longer--and, no that is not a good thing! Oh how I hate the MTA!

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