Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The (knitting) At Home Socks

Vs. Subway socks.

I haven’t made much progress on the Cascade socks. I was busy this weekend, and READ and worked the Sunday NYTimes crossword puzzle on the subway ride home yesterday, instead of knitting—The Cascade socks are my Subway knitting socks

At home, I worked on the UFO socks I recently unearthed.

I frequently knit this way—with one at home project that sits by the couch waiting for me, and another project that is in my travel bag—with my packed lunch and newspaper (or book).

I had abandoned them at the heel turning (a short row heel) so now the heels are turned, and work is progressing.

The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill –I am sure I got it in a swap—a Jewel tone blend of blue and dark gold’s reds and green. It’s pretty—but I doubt I would have even bought this yarn or color way… Still I like how it’s knitting up.

The Sock is one of my own designs—nothing too special. The front is a set of diagonal ‘ribbons’ that break off from the center –with K2tog making one side of the diagonal, and a YO as the other.

The sole of the sock was shaped with a center line decrease – and now, that I am passed the heel, the diagonal ribbons will continue round the leg. This is basically the same as the red ribbons sock (on Ravelry) with some small improvements. (I blogged about them , too, here)

I need to finish these sock ASAP—it was cool enough this morning to require something for my arms (but its going to be warm enough this afternoon that a long sleeve shirt will be too warm!)

It’s the perfect time for some long wrist warmers to keep my arms warm in the AM (and late PM, too, since I will be out tonight) –and to still have bare arms in the warm afternoon sun shine.

I have the yarn, and wristlet, (or longer!) fingerless gloves are needed NOW!

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MD said...

hi - just saw your YouTube video on the Channel Island cast on - and that brought me here. love the socks, and the yarn. good luck with them!