Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Mellow Stripes done—

No photo of them with the toes grafted and off the needle (not really much different looking than yesterday!)

Newest pair of socks have a cuff—but I haven’t decide on a pattern yet for the leg and instep—tonight or tomorrow, I will look through my stitch dictionaries, and find something that appeals to me—I want something that looks like water—a stream or rapids, or just flowing water…

I didn’t get to knitting last night –I could bore you with detail of RA, of aches and pains, and fevers—but, well, if you bless with good health, thank the powers that be, and if not, you have your own problems and don’t want to hear about mine!

This morning, I packed the Black Pearl scarf into my bag…I am past the midway point, the pearls will be growing smaller, faster and easier to knit. If I just knit them!

The black pearl scarf is my take on the Pearl scarf from the book Knitting New Scarves by Lynn Barr—

Every time I start a scarf, I swear it is (or will be) the last scarf I ever knit—but I really love every scarf in Knitting New Scarves…(and have some silk to make into a another design from the same book!)

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