Friday, September 11, 2009

Pearling along…

4 new black pearls in the past 2 days-- (9 to go!)I am 5 pearls past the midway point, and about 3/4ths of way done.

The Center pearls each started with 4 stitches, and maxing out at the fullest point with 48 stitches. Now, with 4 ’40 stitch’ pearls complete, the next few pearls will max out with 32 stitches. (The centermost pearl (back) has a marker in it.)

In theory, with each pearl getting smaller, each pearl should be faster and easier to knit.

But in reality, the scarf is getting long, (and getting in the way) and the yarn gets caught –and twisted in between the pearls unless I am careful to turn clockwise one ‘row’ and counter clockwise on the next --since I am working magic loop, each half round ‘feels like’ a row.

And it’s bigger—the stuffed pearls make the scarf take up more and more room in my knitting bag than the yarn did (I keep a small bag of polyfil in the knitting bag, too, and have replenished several times. So the extra bulk has been sneaking up.)

It’s cold and rainy today—and as I took the photographs of the pearls, I saw the bag with the teal shrug (I’m going to need it any day now) and the bag with the striped yarn for the fingerless gloves (I’ll want those too!)

More than ever, I want to get this WIP moved into the FO pile, and get to work on some other project!

It is a sad anniversary today, but I sometimes think all the memorials and activity keep the wound fresh, and quieter, simpler remembrances would be better. I’ve done a memorial in the past, and I don’t think I can say anything more, or better.

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gayle said...

The picture looks like a fuzzy caterpillar. 8)
I have several projects I want to start, but I'm making myself finish something first. Which means I'm not getting much knitting done, since it's hard to work on something when I really really want to be working on something else...