Monday, September 28, 2009

Some progress

Visible progress that is!

Almost time to start the heel flaps—and then in no time at all they will be done.

And a good thing it is!

I have dozens (about 3 dozen!) of pairs of socks—and one pair is prettier than the next.

But—I’ve realize, a lot of my pretty, fun socks? They don’t match any of my clothes!

Now this might not be a problem if I was young and cool—but old and fat, I risk looking well crazy if my outfits are too outlandish. (and if I wore boots, I suppose it wouldn’t be an issue.. but I almost never wear boots--I am always showing off my socks.

I have LOTS and LOTS of denim--(who doesn’t?) And just a few pairs of blue socks. (OK the socks on the needle are part of the solution)

And I have SCADS and SCADS of purple (and I even have some Patons Kroy in a solid purple) but not much in the way of already knit purple socks.

Teal? Turquoise? Aqua? Yes, yes, yes!
Teal, turquoise, aqua socks? No, no, no.

RED socks –several pairs! Red clothing? Not too much.
Orange socks—Ditto! Orange clothing—nada!

Do you see a trend here? I like and wear cool colored clothing, but like and knit warm colored socks!
Well a remedy is in sight.

Any day now, I’ll have some indigo blue (real indigo, thanks to Kelly!) sock yarn.
And these yarns have forced there way into my stash--some blues and teals, and even a black (and white and grey)--since most of my 'black' socks are multi colors and just have black trim.

And I found a UFO of bluish (and brown, and other colors) socks—they are toe up and the heels been turned—so maybe, by the time I have 4 dozen pairs of sock, I’ll have a few pairs that match my wardrobe—wouldn’t that be a nice thing?


LICraftgal said...

Yep, you have real indigo dyed yarn just waiting for you. But for some reason we keep missing each other. But I will be there next week, you?

Dimple said...

Just a wild guess--do you tend to have cold feet and be too warm everywhere else?
Have a great day!

gayle said...

Hmmm... this might explain why I have a pair of pink socks, but I never wear pink.
(LMAO at my verification word - it's "mullisms")

LizzieK8 said...

Everything goes with denim.......

zippiknits.....sometimes said...

I'm jealous! ;o)