Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Still no Knitting

To write of—
But as I mentioned a few weeks ago, I am daily treated to the views of the Broadway Malls.. (malls in the old fashioned sense of the word, not shopping malls!)

For the most part, the malls have trees—some small flowering trees, (some I recognize; such as flowering cherry, or dogwood) and there are big trees too, (well bigger/biggish--the subway runs below B’way, and there is a limit to root growth!) Some pin oaks, and some thorn-less locusts—both are popular choices for street trees in NYC--and they predominate on the malls. Gingkos, lindens and flowering pears are pretty common too, in some neighborhoods, but i haven't seen too many here abouts.

At the ends of most malls, (the cross walks) there are mini parks—raised flowers beds, a bench and waste basket--and a small wall--to protect the area from cars and trucks that might go astray. (There are also utilitarian structures like street lamps, traffic lights, too)
The flower beds are mixture of perennials and annuals—and they are quite lush!

The Coleus is easily 3 foot tall (and in
a raised bed, is taller than me!)—the mint, as mint is want to do, tries to take over, but the hostas and daylilies put up a good fight.
There are geraniums, and sedums, and a lot of other flowers (that I don’t know!)
I walk a scant 2 blocks, and I am treated to a wonderful array of flora.

Here… see what I mean!

First—one of the smaller stores in existence.--notice, the entry door takes up
about half the width of the store front, (and the store front is a foot wider than most of the store!)

A single daylilly --blooms out of season--and look at the begonia.. amazing!

I don't know what these are--they look like zinnia's--but the foliage is wrong.
And finally, one of the daily sanmen (as NYC Dept of Sanitation employees like to be known) –patiently waiting for a red light to turn green, so he can finish sweeping up!

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Dimple said...

Thanks for the look into your world. I don't know those flowers, either, but they are pretty!