Thursday, September 03, 2009

Three weeks later..

One 3 hour project completed…a double knit potholder--worked in Sugar 'n Cream self striping and another (no name) solid pink cotton yarn.

The solid pink didn't really offer enough contrast to make the pattern (Vertical stripes) pop, but it’s better than nothing--knitting wise!

I hope (if I get the energy!) to make a few more potholders.

Back in August, (the 22nd) my daughter had a fund raising sale for her planned Avon walk—(She raised $600!) and has another planned for September 29th—
I contributed hand knit potholders—along with other kitchen tools—to make kitchen gift sets for the first event. Ideally, I’ll have some more (besides this one!) potholders and kitchen tools for more sets for the next event.

In my bag today, for subway knitting, a pair of socks—not the red ones, but a pair worked in Red Heart (aka Coats & Clarks) Heart and Sole—they are short –in the leg.

I should have cast on more stitches for a cabled sock—but I hadn’t really planned what I was going to knit when I cast on! These do go over my heel, but reluctantly, so they have shorter than average legs. Because they are snug, I stopped cabling at the end of the gusset, and switched to a simple rib for the instep.

I love this color way—named Mellow Stripes.

I had been holding off starting these--I was planning to use this yarn as a reward to myself for finishing the red socks—but I cheated, and started these socks anyway (and will likely finish them before I finish the red socks!)

I have a new yellow shirt to wear—(see July 23rd blog entry)—and these socks will work with yellow!

I dress rather casually at work—(I could wear just about anything) but I sort of like to have some coordination in my clothing—3 F’s are bad enough, I don’t need to go for the 4F look (Female, Fat, Fifty and Funky!)

To get away with Funky, I have to loose an F (fat) and until I do, I just avoid the 4 F look—and try to co-ordinate my socks to my outfits.

This is not always easy—sock yarns come in such wonderful colors and fun colorways and effects. Easily my socks are the most colorful part of my wardrobe (which is pretty colorful!)


Susie said...

You've inspired me to do more cloths which I really hadn't done a lot of before. Great socks!

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

I really like the wash cloth and have been meaning to do a double knitted project. I love those socks !!!

Dimple said...

Congratulations on finishing a project after your time in the energy-free zone. The potholder and socks are lovely!

gayle said...

I have so done that - started my "reward" before I actually finished the thing I was rewarding myself for... "Well, almost finished" became close enough.