Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Yankee Swap

Or white elephant, or what ever you call it—we had one, last night at the LICKnits--Find us on Ravelry or Yahoo.

We meet, weekly, (Tuesdays, from about 6PM till (it used be 9..but since our meeting place is open later, it goes till it ends) at Manducatis Rustica
46-35 Vernon Blvd (between 47th Avenue and 46th Road)—and we always welcome newcomers.

The process for the swap –bring a goody bag, get a number, pick a goody bag (and perhaps have the goody ‘stolen’ by another member) –created swaps, and laughter--as well as the request ooh’s and aah’s as the contents of the bags were disclosed.

There was the heavy one (a trick!) but I suggested it was paint (to hand paint yarn for your self!) –and the light one --silk is so much lighter than wool—and the yarns in the various goody bags were top heavy with silk! And wonderful books, too.

I pick (and managed to keep!) a lovely bag of Rowen Summer Tweed (70% silk/30% cotton) in a beautiful shade of deep salmon.. (5 skeins of it! Enough for a summery shell.) This picture doesn’t do justice to the deep color it really is.

Isn’t it pretty?
(just what I need—MORE yarn!)


Anonymous said...

oh course, you do! LOL And what a beautiful shell it will be. Do you have a pattern in mind and what improvements to the pattern will you make? Judy

Dimple said...

It is a beautiful color, have fun making the shell!

PartyWeDo said...

We love the Yankee Swap. It is a great social get-together.
We like the gift exchange concept so much that we play online as a family every year.
We even built a Facebook application so that others can enjoy the Yankee Swap online...

zippiknits.....sometimes said...

Well that yarn is a really lovely addition to the stash. YayYou!