Thursday, October 15, 2009

5 inches –of 15—done!

I am loving them! The pattern (it might not look it) is very similar to the ripple pattern I used in the just completed Cascade socks. So I learned it in a heart beat.

After I yesterday’s blog post, I just kept knitting them.—at first, I was thinking from knuckles to elbow… but now I think I’ll extend them to just past the elbow.

No image at the moment--(tomorrow!)

The yarn, Patons Angora Bamboo is so soft and comfy—and I love the colorway—they call it Sienna Bronze—I think its more coppery than bronze colored—but what every you want to call it, it’s a lovely deep saturated color.

The thinking behind the gauntlets was warmth—my job (which is quite simple—mostly to just sit and look pretty) has me inches from the front door.

The thought was, drafts and chills and a need for warm clothing.

There might yet be a need for it-- But right now, the place is like an oven!

There is a radiator –a huge one, towards the back of the store—and it puts out thousands of BTU’s –today it’s 40 something degrees-outside—the expected high will be under 50° (about 10°c) and easily 70°( about 20°c) in the store.. and I have the front door WIDE open! (and the ceiling fan on, too!)

I am wearing a very light weight sweater.(a finely knit store bought one) –a synthetic one (not a very warm one) over a t-shirt. I have the sleeves of the sweater pushed up—to cool off my arms!

Things might change.. and I might find myself in need of warm clothing (for work) but I don’t know—and I don’t care! I love the yarn, love the color and I am loving knitting them!
(Which is what I am about to do!)

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