Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The count is 11—

It might have been 12, but the Yankee’s were busy making a count of 10…No image, because, really one more repeat (or now, 3, since last photo) just isn’t much of change!
I am not much of sports fan—for me, the baseball season (when there is one) starts in October. If the Yankees are still playing, I start watching!

I did a bit of show and tell last night at LICKnits—(nothing you haven’t seen here) --others had show and tell too…
Carolyn discovered the joy of sock with Christmas stockings--maybe she’ll give up hats, now—for a while at least—she knits more hats than I do!

Randi had a new shawl --knit from yarn she got at the yankee swap just a few (3?) weeks ago.
Kim (hi, boss!) was finishing up a convertible hat/cowl…and pleased as punch to have gotten the TsockTsarina’s Firebird sock this past weekend at Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool.
We dished some dirt too—(not a usual practice)—nothing surprising or juicy—just venting of grievances. It’s just the person we spoke of, wasn’t there.

We are generally an honest group—if we have something to say—we say it to your face, not behind your back—not with rancor, or snidely.. But every once in a while--Well we are human, after all!

I have a new subway project started (maybe tomorrow you’ll get to see (C) it.)

Today—some of the mosaic images and ceramic images I walk past most every day, for the most part-- with out a thought. They are really quite lovely—these are all from the 42nd Street /Times Square station. Many other stations have similar mosaics—often, as these are themed to the above ground area.

It’s easy to complain about NYC transit (as
I did last week) but reality is, it’s a pretty remarkable system. It’s old (100 years), it’s fast (almost every line has 4 track—2 express, 2 local), it runs
(more or less regularly) 24 hours a day, and it is huge (over 350 miles of track—all inside NYC!) I guess the truism is every one loves the subway, but hates how it’s managed. Every one is sure they could do a better job than the current management. (And some of us are right about that!)

(the mosiacs are about 70% life size, the ceramic tiles are about 12 inches square, framed and behind glass)


teabird said...

Every time I see one of the ceramics, it's a delightful surprise.

Robyn said...

I guess I can forgive you for being a Yankees fan since you grew up in the Bronx. But it ain't easy. : )