Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Finished Object..

Just another pair of socks.. but they are quite nice.

I always like the socks I knit (I am vain that way) but these socks have garnered a lot of very nice complements –while in progress.
I loved the colorway—and I need blue socks—and a happy error resulted in a perfect stitch pattern.

I tend to like Patons Kroy—and think it represents a value (even if this pattern did require a third ball (for the last few rounds of the toes!) but the knitting is tight and dense—these will be nice warm socks.

I finished them last night—and today—in a good news/bad news sort of way, I got a few inches of the Angora Bamboo gauntlets done—Good news is the progress—bad news was the delays and inconvenience of the NYC subway system.
I suppose ALL methods of commuting have problems—but today I was most definitely not in the mood. I walked (underground) from 41st Street and the west side of times square(7th Avenue) to 40th and the east side of times square (Broadway) 2 short blocks then I was forced to walk to 42nd and 7th Avenue, then to 41st (back to were I started, with an extra 2 block detour!)

From there (7th Avenue and 40th street) I walked to 8th Avenue, ( and then 3 blocks uptown) to 8th Avenue and 43rd—Not really much of walk (a quarter mile or so) but up and down several flights of stairs (or long ramps, equal to a flight of stairs) made more onerous that just a short walk

There were the normal bumps and jostles that one expects—but I just wasn't much in the mood for this today. The time and inconvenience (crowding and lack of seats because of the problem, and 4 different trains to get home) were just more than I wanted to deal with today!

But enough.. Here's the indigo yarn that looked like a tangled mess on Sunday, but was not nearly as tangled or as bad as it looked.

Just ½ hours effort on Monday made the mess into neat, skeins. Tuesday, there were just a few hiccoughs turning the skeins into nice cakey balls.

--And soon enough, into denim socks!


Susie said...

The socks are really nice. I can't believe you got that yarn all untangled. I don't have that kind of patience.

gayle said...

Love those socks.
Can't wait to see the finished gauntlets.

blondegram23 said...

Great socks !! - Your subway comments brought back memories. Used to do that subway to Times Square every day. Those stairs are killers. Glad to be working on LI now. I do feel your pain.