Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mellowing out

I wore 2 different pairs of new socks this week.

Sunday, I wore my Mast (aka acorn) socks—and Tuesday, my short striped ribbed socks.

The Mast socks were finished the beginning of April —and are very autumnal…
(And I don’t much wear socks in the summer anyway) so it’s not surprising I didn’t wear them till now.

The Striped cable socks –they mellowed about a month…
I do this—with all my knitting. (I don’t know all the wheres and whyfor’s, but, I know I do it.)

I like to have my knitting mellow. I don’t put it away, but rather leave it in sight, and glance at it, and frequently pick it up and fondle it-- for a few day, or weeks or even months before I wear it.

The more I like it, the longer it tends to mellow.

I like to stop and admire my work as it progresses too.

I almost never frog, because, I almost never need to. I am not some paragon who doesn’t make errors-- I make lots of mistakes!

It’s just the case that I stop every few rows and admire my progress, (and give it a critical once over!)-I use this as a time to find the errors--in the past row, or the row before that. If it’s a small error, I drop the offending stitch and correct, or if a big one, I’ll tink. But is a rare occasion when an error gets missed for more than a few rows.

Penny for your thoughts... (As I am thinking of my bronze project) is about half done. I am thinking of making an all out effort—and having it completed --and wearing it! With out letting it mellow!-- this weekend.

NYC is at near peak for autumn colors, and my plan is to drive up to Wave Hill Park and take in Robyn Love’s class on natural dying.

I tend to be lazy, so while I have dyed some wool, and use various dyes (mostly food grade stuff, because that is the easiest!) I haven’t made my own dye in eons. But some of the plant dyes are so pretty—maybe I’ll be moved!

If you are in NYC and not planning on watching the marathon—you can come up to Wave Hill, too!

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