Friday, October 02, 2009

My Cheating Heart

The Subway socks have an inch or so of heel flap knit. (no photo right now)--slow but steady progress is being made.

My at home socks are (w)edging their way upward. (The bias pattern has a wedge shape—with the center front ‘higher’ than the center back)—no image of these either, today.

And there, all innocent like, sit stitches on the needle for a pair (the first pair of what will be a few!) of arm warmers.
Yeah, arm warmers.. Long enough to come up to (or rather, in this case, down from) the elbow, cover the wrist, but leave the fingers bare.

The yarn is (yes, I succumbed) Patons new Bamboo angora, (a blend of 55% bamboo, 35% wool, and 10% angora) –it’s super soft, and has very little memory.So lace is out of the running for the stitch work--the resulting ‘sleeves would be so loose as to be useless!

I am into bias knitting at the moment—maybe a series of V or wedges down the center front.

But, for now, they are just sitting, waiting for (detailed!) inspiration.

But I am itching to knit them --and the past few days, have been cold --15° below normal for the daytime, and colder still at night—Next week will be closer to ‘normal’ (about 66° f/circa 17° c)—but daily, the average normal is cooler and cooler—Colder days are acoming!

And maybe something for my neck, too.. Not a scarf.. but something!

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penny said...

i love waiting to see how the yarn will inspire me. i've been wanting to try the angora bamboo as i enjoy the silk bamboo. i look forward to seeing how these inspire you.