Wednesday, October 28, 2009

No Post Yesterday--

Because there was no knitting Monday—no progress to show!

But I knit yesterday-- Finished the body of Peachy—bound off the lower edge and got about half the ends woven in. I try to weave in tails as I go along—waiting till all the knitting is done to start, means leaving all the tedious work till the end.. it’s so much better to weave in as you go along.

Next—the sleeves—the plan is to starting them tonight—but there are a lot of plans for tonight… PBS has a show based on Michael Pollan’s book Botany of Desire (my hard copy of the book has a personalized autograph)—and the baseball season is in full swing.

I am not a hard core TV watcher—No big screen—when things went digital, I did buy a new TV—and it was almost 50% bigger than my old one—I went from a 13 inch screen to a 19 inch screen. But no fancy features (like picture in picture).
A feature that would be a nice feature tonight! What with the rain, the game will likely be slow—but PBS features are generally great because they don’t have commercial breaks (the natural time to switch to check the game)

With any luck, no matter what happens tonight, by this time next week, I should have the sweater finished—and maybe even the bonus sleeves.

Right now, the center front still pulls up a bit… (you can see that in the photo)

The i-cord edge, like a tight cast on, has less stretch than the knitting. But with blocking—it will stretch just enough to hang straight, (and be tight enough to prevent stretching out and sagging in the front)

The mystery knitting (Penny for your thoughts) is inching along..I was going to take a photo this AM—but I over slept (well actually I woke at 6 am—and then fell back to sleep and over stayed my 6:50 get up out of bed time—dozing more than sleeping. Just by 5 minutes, put enough that I didn’t have time to set up for a photo shoot—so you’ll have to wait!

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