Friday, October 23, 2009

Penny for your thoughts

Is it obvious? Making ¢’s (sense)?

It’s spread out over 3 circs for the photo, but I won’t be knit that way! It will be done on a single needle—bunched up, but manageable.

It’s paused momentarily—I left my camera at work—and didn’t want to unpin (and work on it) so this how it looked yesterday—and how it looks this afternoon—since I didn’t work on it today at all!
But—I am (unusually) working again tomorrow—and won’t buy a morning newspaper—so I will likely knit both going to, and coming home—so I’ll make for lost time tomorrow.

It’s really warm—the doubled neck band – (you knew that right?) is soft and cozy, and lies close to the skin, and its warm! So much so, I am wonder if I’ll ever wear it!
But then over night, the weather went from 74° to 50°--and it might end up being just the thing—(if I get cracking and finish it before winter is full on)

I don’t like heavy clothing, and I like the cold—and I am often underdressed for the weather (I’d rather be chilly for a few minutes, than over heated for an hour)

This might be just the right amount of warmth—since it won’t be very big.

I let Peachy hang –to get a better measurement—and here it is (even my petite manikin has hips bigger than 30 inches, so I can’t spread it out (well I could, if I bothered to spread the stitches out over 2 needles) and it’s longer than I realized.

I am 2 rows short of 14 repeats—and I think 15 will be enough, (more than enough!) –Which is great! I am further along than I realized.

This morning I grabbed a bag of yarn and needles—(since I didn’t want to disturb the big ¢) -- and cast on some socks.

I have some ideas for socks—and the yarn I grabbed is not involved in any of the ideas—so these socks will be common garden variety ones.

One idea (the next pair to be knit) is not too fancy—except for the tops.

I am thinking of a very fancy bit of work at the top edge—(and still am working on ideas for the leg and instep.)—the top will be color, texture and layered—a triple wammy!

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I'm liking Peachy. Judy