Friday, October 16, 2009


The gauntlets are galloping along!

By the time I got home yesterday (with no significant transit delays) I had a full 9 inches of gauntlet—I am still undecided on exactly how long they are going to be. Either below the elbow –about 12 inches, or above the elbow about 15 inches. At this point the 12 inch length is ahead in the polls…

But what ever I ultimately decide—I am more than half way done!

And more than 90% done with the first ball(s) of yarn. Looks like each gauntlet will require about 1.25 or so balls of yarn. The extra be put to work as a scarf--or cowl or gaiter or smoke ring.. or something for around the neck!

It’s fast knitting (compared say to socks) –the suggested needle is a US size 7/
4.5mm, but since the bulk of the gauntlet (the back and sides) are ribbed, I am working on a size 6/4.25—with 48 stitches. Operationally –2 on 2 circ’s—it feels like socks.. but these are knitting up faster than any socks would!

At home last night, the bias ribbon socks are out of sight, and out of mind.

But Peachy (as I have come to call it) is progressing—the colors in this image (on my monitor at least!) are closer to the actual colors.

The yoke is finished, the sleeves separated and on a stitch holder (a spare circ actually) and the first repeat of the lace pattern is done. I found a lace pattern with a very VERTICAL effect --intentionally--to provide contrast to the very HORIZONTAL stripe in the yoke.

It’s fun now, with all the changes—but it will become boring and drudgery all too quickly—I KNOW myself. It will take effort to keep knitting it –but I do like the finished length of my purple February Lady—and I plan to make this sweater about the same length. The sleeves of this sweater will be a bit longer—I tend to like ¾ sleeves—but I should have made the sleeves longer on the purple sweater—they are just a tad short of ideal

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gayle said...

You really are galloping!
I always worry about above-the-elbow feeling constricting when bending the arm. Feel free to use that as an excuse to stop at 12"...