Monday, October 26, 2009

They WON.

I might have finished Peachy—well the main body at least,(or taken a photo of it!) but…
I got another (the last) lace repeat done yesterday at Sunday knitting, and even got the first garter ridge done. But when I got home, it was all crossword puzzle (I didn’t make a dent) and baseball.

At Sunday knitting (at Panera’s) I got to see another version of the Cascade sock—2/3rds done (sock 1).

Did I mention that I wrote up the pattern (really wrote up the pattern, didn’t just write an outline/recipe.) And that I plan to make this my first pattern for sale?

Well it will be. I need to upgrade the photo’s—and make the PDF—so its not quite ready yet, but some time later this week, you'll be able to make your own pair, too!

To make things easy (for me!), it will only be available on Ravelry.

Rena (glassneedle on rav) has been kind enough to be the test knitter—which is both good and bad.

Part of the problems is: she is a good knitter, and gets knitting directions—I hope the directions are good enough for the not so good knitter. Still the pattern is designed for DPN’s (as Rena is using) or for Circ’s (2 or magic loop) and it has both a chart and written directions, for the stitch pattern. I am a master at over kill.

Everyone has loved the Bronze gauntlets—and wants that pattern too—well--no pattern—but a recipe—this recipe PRESUMES you have basic skills, and/or a good reference book for the detail.

3 skeins of Patons Angora Bamboo.
I used US-Size 6 needles (or as needed to get a nice looking rib-I have no idea of the gauge!)
I worked on 2 circ’s but if you use DPN’s a set of 4 is better than 5—keep the 15 stitches of the pattern together!

Usually other stuff (stitch markers, tapestry needles, row counter—as desired)

Cast on 48, join into round with out twisting
(I used my Italian cast on—(but Judy’s magic would work)—and worked 2 rounds as:
R1- K1, yarn forward as if to purl, slip 1, yarn back
R2—Slip 1, yarn forward, P1, yarn back as if to knit..
This is simple double knitting.
This combo (the cast on, the simple double knitting) will create a tubular edge. It is optional.

Alternately, you can cast on anyway you want, and start with 1 X 1 ribbing, (and make R3 into your R1)
R3: K1, P1
Work about 1.25 inches in 1 X 1 ribbing, then start pattern in center front.

K1, P1 (3 times—6 stitches) place marker if desired-
Pattern is alternate rows, (even rows, knit every stitch in pattern)

Pattern uses right and left twist stitches --knit the second stitch on needle first, then the first stitch on the needle (second), then let both drop of left needle.

A Right Twist (RT) starts with the needle going into the second stitch from the front, working it, then working the first stitch on the needle.

A Left Twist, (LT) you put the needle behind stitch 1, knit stitch 2 (it’s often easier to knit through back loop of this stitch, and then knit stitch 1 ( a PITA to do through front loop, but it really looks better!) these are RT and LT in directions.

R1: RT, K5, RT, LT, K2, LT.
(continue rest of round in established ribbing, starting with a P1 –every pattern row)
R3: RT, K4, RT, K2 LT, K1, LT.
R5: RT, K3, RT, K4, LT, LT
R7: RT, K2, RT, LT, K5 LT
R9: RT, K1, RT, K2, LT, K4, LT.
R11: RT, RT, K4, LT, K3, LT.
This pattern is from the Big Book of Knitting Stitches, (check latter for page).- which also has a chart.

Work in pattern and ribbing till the gauntlet(s) is long enough—(base of the wrist to as far up the arm as you desire--this is a flexible measurement—try them on!)

Thumb Gusset. In a PURL stitch 7 stitches AFTER (or BEFORE) pattern motif, make a gusset. Place markers for gussets if needed-(on one of the gauntlets, the 7th purl will be last stitch in round—reposition stitches on needles if this is a problem for you)

R1: K, P, K into the P stitch (yes, it will make a hole, but when you finish up, you can close it)
R3: increase 2 times –in gusset
You can do that 2 ways, either at side edges or in center (of the K, P, K in R1 of gusset). Pick one. Increase! (M1 or Kf&b—or any increase you want!)
This is a recipe, not a pattern!—if you don’t know how, consult a reference book!

Repeat increases ever other round till the gusset has 9 stitches.
Keep work in ribbing, what ever increase you use. Then work 2 rounds even (continue to work pattern element)—You can work 3 rounds if you a longer thumb base.

The slip the 9 gusset stitches onto a stitch holder, and cast on 3 stitches (a single yarn cast on of your choice—I use a simple cast on)

Next round work in ribbing –(no more pattern)
Work in ribbing for about 1.25 inches, and bind off.

For the bind off, I reversed the cast on, and worked 2 rounds of simple double knitting, and then bound off with grafting—I know how to graft 1 X 1 ribbing with out dividing the stitches onto 2 needles--and well, it works for me—but no details!

With a new yarn, work the 9 stitches from stitch holder –continuing in the established 1 X 1 ribbing, pick up 1 stitch in ‘side’ then 3 stitches in base of cast on, another side stitch (7 new stitches + 9 stitches from holder, 16 stitches in all.) All this in 1 X 1 ribbing.

Work a few (3 to 5) rounds—bind off –(if you are obsessive, bind off the thumb in grafting too, after 2 rounds of simple double knitting.. I did!)

When finishing, weave tail of new yarn (thumb) down to base of gusset(s), and snug up the hole from first increase.

Weave all the other tails. Block if desire--or just wear and enjoy!

The gauntlets, when finished will just reach base of fingers (they do not cover fingers at all). You will have plenty of yarn left—and can make the post thumb gusset portion longer, (continue in pattern for a few round, before changing to ribbing) if desired and cover the base of fingers. Just try them on, and decide for yourself.

(if you are very thin, you can consider casting on 44, not 48, and putting the first stitch of thumb gusset in 5th Purl, not 7th.)


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I'll have to try these! I was so happy yesterday when I tried yours on that I nearly swiped them.

Robyn said...

did somebody win something? where? who?

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