Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Turn, turn, turn

One heel of the subway socks is turned (well, it’s 90% turned) and today the second heel will be turned, and gusset stitches picked up and the race is on to finished socks!

In general, the heel is the half way point of the sock. I find that if I fold my socks, (at the heel) the toe and cuff just about line up. Sometimes, one half is a round or two longer, but with out putting to fine a point on it--the heel is half way—in reality.

But not mentally! Mentally once the heel is done, the rest of the sock seems to fly by.

Partly, it’s because all the decisions have been made.
I’ve cast on (so many choices!)
And knit a cuff (1 X1 ribbing? or 2 X 2? or 2 X 1? Or some other pattern?
There is even an option of no ribbing at all! (There are so many options!)

Picked out a stitch pattern, (or not!) learned it as I knit it—this can be a simple task, or not so simple depending on the stitch pattern.

The heel is another set of decisions--flap/turn/gusset?
Afterthought? Short row? Novelty?

Soon after the heel, the patterning ends (well most often it does--sometime continue a pattern to the toe—but most often, I end the pattern somewhere in the middle ground of toe and heel.

Plain knitting, (especially on the subway!) goes fast!
Plus—there is nothing to think about. I can just knit.
I’ve just knit and knit and knit. Sometimes, to the point that the foot is past my big toe, (with out any shaping!)— More than once, I’ve had to frog the foot of sock.

One part of planning is measure the foot against the leg—but sometimes, I get caught up in the knitting and forget!

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