Thursday, October 01, 2009

What is the BEST Cast on?

Or the best way to knit?
Or the best way to bind off?
Or the best …..

The search for the BEST is perennial on Knitting boards—be it Knitty’s coffee shop, or Knitter’s Review, or Ravelry.. (or any of the many others!)

The answer:
BEST is subjective--And often conditional!

The best cast on for lace is not the best cast on for a heavy (duty) men’s sweater.

The best cast on for socks? Well that depends on which directions you are working in--Toe up? Or Cuff down!

Do you need or want a super stretch cast on?
Or do you need and want a very attractive cast on?
Are you looking for durability? Or elasticity? Or some combination of traits?
There is no cast on that is best for everything!

I am (as many of you know) somewhat obsessed with cast on (and hats, and double knitting, well let’s go off track and discuss my obsessions!) and I have made some video’s demonstrating how to do them.

Well there are more video’s (and more to come!) of cast on’s and there will be videos for bind offs, and increases, and decreases, and special techniques, and links to other great videos--(There are so many out there!)

To make them easier to find, I have a new blog, dedicated just to showcasing my videos--Well I do include some links to other videos, too, because well, good as think my video’s are, you get to decide which one is best for you!

It’s organized, and indexed—and specialized. Here is a link (but there is also a link on left column, (and you can find another link on the about page of this blog.)

It’s still under construction—and will be for some time.. (I have a very ambitious index!) but its open for business as of today.

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Susie said...

Brilliant post, Helen. There are so many different ways to do things, best is subjective. I'm always looking for new ways (new for me that is) to do anything. I know I'll be looking to your videos to learn more.