Monday, October 12, 2009

Why, Yes, since you asked…

Yes, I have been knitting!

But first things first!
(note--I wrote this hours ago, and had photo image issues.. so there are updates)

Look at my lovely indigo blue sock yarn! Kelly (aka LICraftGal- who is sporting a cute curly new do) dyed it for me.
It looks all tangled and messy—but I suspect a good talking to, and a few minutes of coxing, and it will be on the swift and balled up in no time—(we’ll know by tomorrow!)

(Not balls, but finger combed smooth and twisted into nice neat skeins.. that will ball up fine!)

My queue of socks to knit (we’ll just pretend I don’t already own dozens and dozens of pairs) is growing faster than I am knitting.
  • --I want some black/white/grey ones (cause being a NYer, black is a staple of my wardrobe)—and I don’t much like knitting solid black.
  • --I want some more blue ones (indigo, and other blues)—to match my denims.
  • --Last year, I got some lovely purple Kroy yarn (from Robyn who was destashing) and my February Lady sweater is purple (and I have a good deal of purple in my wardrobe… (I like purple!)—so I need some purple socks.
  • --And I have been visiting Nanette’s blog to often—and even though they don’t fit into 90% of my shoes, I want some fancy color work socks. They are just too pretty!—(and all my left over bits and pieces of yarn are crying to become socks, too!)
So where am I with the current sock on needles?
Well at home socks are sitting around not making much progress (more on why that is so in a bit)

Subway socks have gussets and then some. I am into plain knitting now. The pattern is interesting, but it has a definite bias. Just look at this image!

This not a problem in the leg, and I think the heel is enough to counter the effect, but I don’t want twisting socks on my foot—so the pattern ended with the gusset. (By now, I have a bit over 6 or so inches of the foot knit.. an other 1.5 inches since I started this post earlier today--and only need 9 and a smidge to finish them)

I’ve decided on a pattern for my Angora Bamboo gauntlets. I vaguely wanted a cable of some sort, since the soft yarn needs a pattern to buck it up. I had an idea, and then saw exactly want I wanted on Zippiknits blog—in her Socktober socks. (Now find the stitch pattern –I am sure I have it somewhere in some stitch dictionary.) Done!

And unfaithful friend that I am, I have ignored the almost done Teal shrug to start and work on an Almost February Lady.

Almost because I’ve made so many modifications, it’s really just a similar top down raglan, rather than a proper February Lady.

First off—the cast on. A very important consideration in a top down sweater.The cast on edge supports the bulk of the sweater.. (and any number of February Lady’s get way too stretched out at the neck)
I went with a Tubular cast on (in purl)—it’s stretchy –but to a limit. Enough to look good—but not enough to get to stretched out.

Then the yarn—hand painted –beautiful as they are—are mostly out of my budget—and while I could have overdyed some pastel yarn and gotten a semi solid in a darker color-(something I have frequently done for sock yarn) I wasn’t interested in doing that for all the skeins I would need for a sweater.

So I decided on a striped yoke—Alternating Peach (the color way name is water chestnut—but I’ve never seen a water chestnut this shade—it is the soft peach of pickled ginger) and Dark Salmon—(the color way is labeled Current) but when I grew red currents they were never this color!

The bulk of the sweater (the lace) will be in the lighter peach tone.

A final refinement is the inclusion of short rows in the back-without short rows or other shaping—sweaters like this ‘self adjust’ with wearing--the back rides up and the front sags.

(Do I have to mention that I will be using a different lace pattern, too?)

Peach (well orange) is compliment to blue—and I like the excitement that high contrast offers. (and back to where I started, I’ll need some socks to coordinate with this sweater, won’t I? Paton (the sweater is being knit in Patons Classic Merino wool) has a lovely copper colorway in the Fx sock yarn—So that’s one more pair of socks to knit!

I am 4 rows (2 stripes) 2 rows/1 stripe away from separating the sleeves from the yoke and working the body. The rows are long now—but striping helps make them interesting.

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gayle said...

Nanette's blog always leaves me craving color...
Love the indigo! I'm not usually a big fan of blue, but indigo is the exception.