Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Aaagh! (and Ah!)

A senior moment? Or just the effects of burning the candle at both ends?
(All too often, I am up both early and late—and manage by taking an afternoon nap—but not yesterday!)

Yesterday I started a post--with detail about my knitting (or lack there off) and photos—Only I had taken the photo’s with out a memory stick in the camera, and I only have a memory stick reader at work, (not a camera cable)—so I couldn’t do much.

So –the PLAN (ha!) was to upload the photos once I got home.

I downloaded the photos off the camera--but never got them uploaded anywhere.

I also, to self justify, got some coffee made (to ice) for today, and I voted, and got out to LICknits, and called my son (Yesterday was his birthday!) – Lots of things got done—(I went to work, and made dinner and all the other everyday things we all do)

So here I am again--with NO IMAGES! I hate to read knitting blogs that don’t have images. And I hate to write posts about knitting that don’t have images either!

Well, I can salvage something—I have my subway socks with me—and my camera, and memory stick (and a stick reader!)--There is the perfect background for an image of subway knitting--a NYC subway map!

And—I can repost images of my Cascading Water socks…Because--This is my first pattern for sale!

You can find them on Ravelry… I haven't configured my blog for sales (maybe, someday) but till then, you'll have to join Ravelry, to purchase.

Here, let me make it easy…Cascading Water socks. The pattern has been test knit (thanks, Rena) but Rena’s has her grandchildren visiting.

And well, given a choice of grandchildren or blogging—well, it’s no choice! You’ll have a wait a bit to see her socks (in a different wool, a different color way)--but looking lovely!

This is my first PDF. And my first pattern for sale, (I have a number of simpler
free patterns—most can be found here on my blog, some can be found on Ravelry.)

Knitting is great for keeping me young and in learning mode.

There isn’t much to learn in about knitting itself—though there is the occasional new idea.

But keeping this blog, making videos, (editing videos) making PDF’s, all these ancillary tasks that go along with knitting? All new to me—even though I have been computer savvy for many, many years. I got my first home computer before PC’s—it was a TI99-4A—that was back in the early 1980’s! The TI, if you don’t know was a 16 bit (NON-Dos) computer with a firmware OS based on main frame code—it wasn’t quite CPM or Unix, but shared a lot of code with those languages.

Now days, it’s all applications, but learning is learning!


FuguesStateKnits said...

Oooh! Love the yarn on the subway socks - and cannot wait for payday:)

Anonymous said...

I love the subway socks photo!

gayle said...

I started with the TI99-4a, also. (Though I had taken computer programming in high school, so was used to working with big mainframes. But the TI was my first home computer.) My dad had the Apple II, which I also spent a lot of time with.
I remember those dinosaur days well...