Friday, November 20, 2009

Heading Home

Here are the subways socks (in Queens!) because with the foot over 6.5 inches long—it won’t be long before I am starting the toe.
And then it’s a hop skip and jump to being done! I expect the finished sock to be about 9 inches long.

And none too soon either, since I am heading off this holiday week end to visit family (and this blog will likely be silent—or nearly so) for a week—and these socks will be a perfect ‘go with’ one of the outfits I am packing.

Knit Kit 2 has been settled—more socks. (More Kroy) a black and white blend—it doesn’t look like it is striped-- but I plan to add stripes—solid black ones. And maybe, because I’ll have some handy, some white ones too!

I like (d’oh) Patons Kroy sock yarn—even if the Fx sock yarn skeins are too small. Kroy is generally a nice value yarn—Usually $4.95 or so a skein—and with many of the various lines, 2 balls makes a pair of socks. Not so with the Fx—you need 3 skeins --(or short sock—or small feet).

It goes on sale (not frequently but not infrequently either) and you can often find coupons for Michaels/ACMoore/JoAnnes—some of the big box craft stores that carry the Kroy lines. But when you need 3 skeins ($15) –it’s getting up there—and less of a value.

Still these coppery socks are very pretty—as is the cascade colorway (Cascading Waters Sock) and the clover colorway (the prettiest of the lot, I think!) will make some lovely socks.

But the solid color Kroy has almost 50 more yards—enough for a sock and some left over—per skein.

And I LOVE let over bits!
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