Thursday, November 12, 2009

Inching along

Yesterday, I didn’t mention my knitting… but Tuesday evening, in addition to working with Diane, I did all of the weaving in and other finishing work on the penny for your thoughts caplet--See the pretty hook and eye clasp I've added--

I am still ho hum about it, but I am, apparently in the minority—I know what the problems is.
It’s almost, but not quite what I envisioned. It’s nice in itself, but to me, it’s a slight failure. I still need to block it, which will be an adventure--I didn’t swatch to see how much it blooms—angora –even just 10% angora does tend to bloom!

I knit on slightly smaller than suggested needles, so it’s a fairly tight fabric (but still drapy) right now. But…!

In Tuesday’s post, I mentioned, that the coppery sock in progress (the subway socks for want of a better name) had 4 inches of the leg knit. (no image though)

Yesterday dawned with 5 inches of leg knit.

This morning, I am 1 round short of having 6 inches—so they are inching along!

With a bit of luck, I’ll be ready for the heel flap by the weekend!—oh, yay, the heel!
I have some thoughts about the heel, too--Nothing to fancy, but not the standard process either--and at this point, not fully thought out. So the thoughts may or may not turn into actually knitting!

I’ll continue the pattern at least to the end of the gusset, and then likely, another full repeat of the pattern. And then things will fly!

This pattern is not hard—I had it memorized in the first repeat of the gauntlets—but it is slower than plain stocking knit. 4 twisted stitches per pattern repeat (every other round)—and 4 pattern repeats per sock (8 for the pair)—32 little tricky bits to work on a moving train! It’s enough to slow anyone down.

My next pair of socks are going to be so much simpler!—well after the fancy edging and cuff, that is!

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Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the clasps on the cape.