Monday, November 30, 2009

Just Peachy…

(And some new stash, which doesn’t count, cause its sock yarn!—or at least pretends to be.)

Four full repeats –of what eventually will be at least 8—are now complete. More will be done tonight, and tomorrow at LIC knits.
It looks a bit weird, (you are looking at 2 shoulders, and 2 sleeves (knit on 2 circs).

Who knows, with a small effort I might actually finish it this week!--I am still looking for buttons--(but i haven't yet decide if it will have buttons (plural) or a button (a single one) or some other closure. )

Meanwhile, there is this:
More purple sock yarn!—this color way is Iris.

I loved the Leaf Peeper color way--the rich yellows, golden oranges, crimsons, and russets of the fall, are all wonderfully captured–but I have to face it—there is scant yellow or orange in my wardrobe --and way too many sock that feature the color orange already! Meanwhile I already own lots of purple! It will be nice to have socks that have a hope of matching the rest of my clothing! (but who knows, maybe by the time I get around to knitting this yarn, I might have worn all my purple clothing out!)

Moose Manor Yarns is Betty(and that's a link to her Etsy store--which she'll be updated soon) you can also find her on Ravelry—She is a part time Vermonter(where she weekends and dyes) /part time LI’er. She makes the most wonderful roving (it's almost enough to get me spinning!) called Mystical Moose roving... It’s yarn that changes color. I don’t know how she does it, but in effect, its polarized color.

Look at it under incandescent light, it's one color, look under florescent, another, look again under natural (white) light, and it changes again... And not a little bit--it goes from maroon to olive green! (Not from pink to red to maroon!)

This yarn(um, I forget the name!--I'll have to check the label!) is in theory, sock yarn (it was labeled as such!) but at 80% wool/10% cashmere/10% nylon) it is not going to be used for socks. Cashmere is both too warm, and too soft for socks. Just what it will be is uncertain--perhaps a cowl.

The fact that it is not really a super wash is a factor, too—I don’t own a washing machine, but use ones in building laundry room—and can’t control the settings.

My purple petals socks have a nice deep 2 inch cuff, and a few rounds of leg done—maybe I’ll get them photographed today (or early tomorrow morning) They demanded a bit of fancy work on the leg ( this means fair isle) and what could I do, but listen and obey?

There will be more fancy work on the heel flaps, too, I am sure.

Waiting in the wings, some coal black Kroy, and some Kroy Jacquard sock yarn in shades of grey and black.


gayle said...

The color-changing yarn is sort of mind-boggling. Wonder how that works?
Love your purple sock yarn!

Anonymous said...

I love both yarns!