Monday, November 16, 2009

Nothing to report...

Well maybe a little something.

I tried on the subway socks (I really have to come up with a better name!) and like how tall they were (what was I thinking 8 inches? I generally like 8 or so inches from bottom of heel (flat) to cuff—and with over 6.5 inches of leg knit, and 2.5 inch heel flap—the flap is started—(and almost done)--these socks will be over 8 inches --and quite tall enough!

But that was Friday’s news—They sat untouched over the weekend--today I hope to finish the flap and turn the heels--
(this image, on my monitor) is the closest to the actual colors of the yarn--and the clearest one of the stitch detail too--Oh the joy of bright, indirect natural light!)

I’ve also been thinking about another pair of fingerless gloves for my granddaughter, (Miss B!) –and sorted through some odd balls of yarn—and found a lovely cinnamon toast brown skein of New Zealand 100% merino brushed wool.. (I have more of this in red—but I couldn’t find the red—or for that matter the label)

These aren’t finished --the thumb needs a row or two of stitching and a bind off--see the orange stitch holder (right glove).

They are simple enough 1 X 1 ribbing—the only detail—are the cast on and bind off (both are tubular) I learned to graft long ago (exactly when is lost in the mist of time) and when I do a tubular, grafted cast off—I do it right from the working needle.

Many directions start with by dividing the knit onto one needle, and the purl onto another needle, and then grafting (a standard kitchener stitch)--but that is a PITA to do.

I just graft –in what I call it 4 part harmony...
Into stitch 1 (and the very first stitch one get a marker put into it) and off with it,
Out of stitch 3 (the next knit stitch)
Into stitch 2 (a purl) and off with it (the first stitch 2 gets a marker, too)
Out of stitch 4
And again (the old stitch 3 is now the new stitch one)

At the end of the round, I go into last stitch and come out of the very first stitch (the marker in the stitch helps me find it!) and the same with the last purl.
Then the thread gets passed back into a stitch, and gets woven in.
Making a perfectly bound off tubular edge.

I know some are stumped by grafting, but I never found it that hard—and because I don’t think it is difficult, I do it frequently, and it just gets easier and easier.

A chiba (bend tip) type tapestry needle is a big help (but I’ve done it with a straight needle too)

As I was rooting around looking for the yarn, (oh the things I found that I forgot I had!—my stash is so out of control!) I stumbled upon this scarf—one that I got bored with--And put aside... (Oh some 4 or 5 years ago!)

Picking it up, I remembered why I started it…Yummy!

The ‘white’ is cotton and silk blend—and it’s not really white—the silk strands are shades of blue and pink –variegated from very pale to medium pastel—stranded with a natural white cotton. It's made from 8 super fine plys-- 4 of silk, 4 of cotton—and a yarn that knits up nicely on a size 5 needle--though it is is a bit splitty.

The blue is not a pure blue either but has a pinkish/purplish halo—and it’s a wool and silk blend—so it too has a lovely hand—I think the colors go well together—and both are silky enough to make a very elegant little scarf.

The pattern is dead simple--2 rows of stocking knit (the blue) 2 rows of garter (with the ridge on front) of the white. Gauge is about 7 stitches to the inch/8 rows to the inch. Its knit pretty dense-It might have been better knit looser and drapier... but well.. it is what it is.

It grew this weekend from less than 12 inches to 19 inches (and I think I have enough yarn for another 10 inches or so.)

Both of the yarns were single odd balls (from a bag of odd ball I purchased at a fund raising sale.) I love silk–(and silk and wool and silk and cotton-and silk and anything!)

Frequently, I've found, even single balls are great yarns for a scarfs. But these were small 50g balls. Neither was enough for scarf on their own, but paired up like this--Perfect! (The scarf is about 4 inches wide, and will be at least 24 inches long and likely closer to 30 inches—(it’s so hard to tell!) before I run out of yarn.

I think I’ll continue working on this for odd bits of time. (And finish it!)

Tuesday—knit night at LICKnits—I’ll return to Peachy—I want to finish that sweater—and knit a hat to match –but I might knit Miss B a version first—with some colors to match her new fingerless gloves! (More scrounging around in the stash!)

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Definitely do finish that scarf! The yarn sounds heavenly.