Monday, November 09, 2009

Progress report

Peachy is on the way to having sleeves--Just one lace repeat’s worth of progress, but hey, progress is progress. (You'll have to trust me--I didn't take a photo!)

Subway socks are inching along, (I am getting impatient with them—I have so many socks I want to knit!)

Penny still hasn’t been finished or blocked—but I am a bit happier with it—and will finish and block it—and find a pretty clasp for the neck band. Who knows, I might find some use for it—though not today or tomorrow!

This morning, it was 50° as I left the house... (By now, 50° is the normal high for the day—today, by mid afternoon, a high of 70° is expected.)

As you might have noticed ,the same stitch pattern is used with the bronze gauntlets, the Penny caplet and the coppery subway socks. (which need a better name, since most of my socks these days are knit on the subway!)

Like many knitters, (or is it just so many of the knitters I know, channel their OCD tendencies into knitting) I tend to work the same pattern (or variations of a pattern) over and over again, till I finally get sick of it. Then I start over with another pattern!

Meanwhile, nudging its way to the top of queue is a Patons multicolor tam—(one version of tam includes the Water Chestnut and the current colors (along with a plumb-ee purple.. but I think I might sub the royal purple of my Lady February sweater—and have a hat that (sort of) matches both sweaters. Its currently being featured on the Patons blog (you have to sign up to see/read the blog--find links to it on Paton's web site or on Ravelry)

I haven’t knit a hat for a few months now—but hats are quick—even fair isle patterning won’t make this a big project.

Finally, 2 recognizable (but bandless) balls of sock yarn jumped into my stash yesterday—Red Heart’s Heart and Sole in (I had to look it up!) Blackjack color way— 1 ball is slightly damaged (and may be a few yarns short)—but I have several partial balls of Heart and Sole solid black—so if needs be, they will be completed with a solid black toe. The two balls (how had I missed this color way up till now?) were stuffed into a ziplock bag, in a clearance bin (for $1!). Great price for a pair of socks!

Black hearted person that I am, I will hold off till Valentines Day for these socks (they are mostly black with some red and white)—I have solid white (another brand!) and solid red, scraps too—so I have some options if needed to fill out the sock. (I’ll weight them first to see just how short the balls are—they might be 99% (or not) They certainly look and feel close to full.. but.. You get what you pay for—and I didn’t pay much for these!

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