Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Silky Blue is 32!

Inches long that is! This pleases me immensely—I tend to dislike short scarves—and it’s now long enough to be—if not long, at least not short.
I am not out of yarn yet… but clearly—the end is in sight for the blue silk/wool blend.

The center of the scarf will be folded, and sewn—just the center six (or maybe eight) inches. The ends will be left open.

The scarf clearly has a right and wrong side—but the wrong side is not unattractive—but the center back seam will keep it folded, and will help keep the right side out –that’s my story, and I am sticking with it!

Subways sock are inching along to the toe-- (really they are still at the top of the instep and no where near the toe!) I really want to have these finished this week. I’d like to take them with me, (and wear them, d’oh) when I travel next week – (I am taking a few days off to visit my son, DIL and grandchildren.)

And I am itching to start the next pair of socks! (Nothing like a 4 hour plane ride to make some serious sock progress!) –and, then there is the return flight!—another big patch of knitting time!

The heel on the Subway socks looks very strange—and misshapen—but they fit fine! My son is a maniac with a camera—I’ll make sure he takes some photo’s of them on my feet.

The Penny Caplet, and the matching gauntlets are coming along too—Pretty colors for a holiday dinner attire—and SF is cool this time of year—it will be nice to have some warm layers to wear.

Peachy (remember Peachy?) got an otherfull repeat of lace done on the sleeves last night—I don’t have plans to finish Peachy before I head west—but soon! I am knitting both sleeves at once—and will make progress (as soon as I get back to working on it, and not on silky blue!)

I also have—just in case—a few dollars put aside for yarn… Last time, a trip to Imagiknits resulted in a few skeins of sock yarn—(Imagiknits is within walking distance of my son and family’s home) but there are others (lots of them!) LYS in SF—and sock yarn doesn’t count as stash, right?

Thought the Malabrigo twist is quite lovely. (my boss, Kim, just made a lovely hat with this yarn—I’d link to it—but she hasn’t posted a photo of it yet on Ravelry (kls1004) so if I (unlikely, but possible!) finish the next pair of socks sooner than expected, I can restock before the return flight--

And there is the Patons tam to knit --or should I say tams—since I think I might make more than one—there are so many color options. Besides, I haven’t knit a hat in months!
I am thinking of one for myself, and one for my granddaughter, and one for...
Ps. Patons blog requires you to register to see it.

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Wow! You have been busy!