Tuesday, November 17, 2009

That is so last century!

(this is on of my favorite new expressions!)
One of my goals is not to become an old biddy…

You know the type—cranky, picky, and old fashioned.

The kind of person who not just fails to embrace the new, but hates the new, and wants to turn back the hands of time.
The person who looks longingly at the good old days; who wears blinders, and forgets the bad old days!

Of course, I have some anachronisms—but those are carefully chosen!
This comes to mind, because I have finally done something so last century—

A good 10 years ago, some one gifted me some jeans—(3 pairs)—I was at my heaviest, and they were losing weight. They didn't really fit (too loose in waist and the rise, too high) Besides, I don’t much wear jeans much (yes, I am strange!)--but I do wear denim (skirts and denim dresses).

Since I received the jeans, I think I have worn them twice. For a few YEARS now, I have been thinking about refashioning them into skirts—you know the style—leg seams opened, cuff cut off and make into gores to make a skirt from what clearly was once a pair of pants.(So last century!)

Yesterday—I finally got to work—and today—a new skirt Which i am wearing today--sewing --unlike knitting doesn't need to mellow!

Now that I’ve done it—I am likely to make another skirt—(black denim) and maybe I’ll leave the last pair of jeans as they are. Who know, I might actually want to wear a pair of jeans once in a while!

As for the silky scarf? Well it will be at least 24 inches long—because last night I knit another 6 inches on it! It’s grown from 19 inches to 25 inches long! And I still haven’t run out of yarn Nor have I gotten to the point of thinking and calculating—I started the scarf with a hem, and will end it with a hem--so I do need to do a bit of planning as I reach the ends of the skeins.

I think I will end up with at least another 4 maybe 5 inches. Which will be just fine! It will be a warm scarf—but more of an accessory than winter wear. It will be fine for dressing up denim skirts and tops.

Meanwhile—in a recurring pattern—I left my camera at work-- so once again, the subway socks are being displayed on the subway map.

The flap is finished, the heel turned, and the gussets are being worked on.

About the heel.
I worked the pattern for the heel flap—looks nice, but…
Heel stitch (a slip stitch pattern) has a tighter stitch and row gauge than knitting, (and while the twisted stitches do compress the stitch gauge a bit—they don’t compress nearly as much as heel stitch)

So the flap of 33 rows (worked with 33 stitches) was huge.

To make sure the whole thing heel didn’t end up being outsized, I did a modified Dutch (aka square) turning. This style of turning a heel results in the fewest stitches at the end of the turning (in my case, 11!)--and also the smallest gussets.

I started the turning with a V (handkerchief) and after a few rows, changed over to the Dutch.

To do a Dutch heel, you knit together the last Ktog and the wrap, and then close the gap with a new wrap— vs. knit 2 tog to close the gap, then wrap--
*if you don’t understand—you haven’t knit enough socks--or enough different styles of heels.

If you want to know more about various heels, be sure to check out Heels by numbers—a great resource for any knitter who want to experiment with different heels.

The second change I am making to the heel is to move the gusset decreases to sole (a single V shaped gusset --) and I’ll be changing the stitch count, too, as I work the gusset.

I added an extra 6 stitches (66) to my basic generic stock pattern to create some ease to comp for the twisted stitches--by end of the gusset, and pattern, I will be have decreases 6 stitches— and will work the plain stocking knit part of the foot with 60 stitches..

I’ve moved the gussets in the past to the instep (Y be normal socks!) –but this sole gusset style is a first for me. I want to try it out, and see how it feels on foot.

The heel looks terrible in this image--stretched out around a jar. But I have duck feet-(narrow heels, wide at the ball of the foot) and this heel actually fits my foot rather nicely.

I'll try to get a better image as I progress--but in this image, you can see the decrease for the V shaped sole gusset.

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