Thursday, November 05, 2009

Tuesday's (images) on Thursday

Did you hear that roar last night?

No, not the collective one that started in the Bronx—but the one in Queens when I saw I had sold my first pattern! Thank You, Colette!

I noticed--when I went to do what I didn’t do the night before—upload some photos! So here on Thursday, I can show you the status of things on Tuesday.

I would show you the update (Bound Off!! all the stitches!) but—in a recurring pattern—I can’t! I left camera and memory card at work, and so, you’ll have to trust me when I say I finished the bind off. (in the ninth inning!)

The Penny for Your Thoughts caplets isn’t finished... It needs a fastener at the neck, and it needs ends woven in, and a blocking.

The 6 stitch double knit hem is a not quite enough to stop the roll—but its clear I would have run out yarn if I made it deeper (8 or 10 stitches).

That is a downfall of free hand knitting—it’s hard to plan—I am pretty good at making guestimates. I was right about “how deep and long” a hem I could knit with a single ball—but wrong about “this will be deep enough on its own”.

It is deep enough to stop the roll, but not deep enough to not fold. Blocking should do the trick—or well—I’ll think of something (I could, dressmaker style, put a fine chain in the hem as a weight!)

I stood yesterday afternoon, on a crowded subway—so not much progress on subway socks—but tonight (another busy night!) I’ll be knitting at my co-op board meeting—and will make some progress--these socks are OK. The yarn is nice, the color OK. But they are just, well socks.

When not physically knitting, (like yesterdays commute) I am mentally knitting—I have an idea for my purple Kroy—and I need to do some math—actually quite a bit of math—as this next sock is going to be a rather fancy –Well the cast on and cuff will be rather fancy.. The sock will be simple by comparison-- but some planning is need for the leg—and the Heel? Still unresolved!

Then there is this yarn (Cherry Tree Hill I think, but I have lost the label) which has been making noises—(crying out, saying “knit me, knit me!”)

The colors are bright and clear, but I don’t know… I think they are too bright!—and what should I do? Pair it black? Or with white? Or grey? Or ??
And then what?
A simple stripe? Or perhaps a slip stitch pattern? Or go all out and do a pattern? Not a proper Fair Isle pattern, but some sort of color work design.
So many questions! Ideas keep flitting in and out of my mind! Well I have time for one to take root!

This weekend, I’ll be back to Peachy—and then? Well a hat! (Paton’s blog has a lovely fair isle beret pattern—just the thing to use ups some odds and ends!)

And then? Oh, I can’t think that far ahead! There is a cacophony –all those lovely yarns in my stash: silk, and cashmere, and wools; thick yarns, thin ones... smooth ones, textured ones.
All making noise! All demanding, ME. Pick me next! What's a knitter to do?

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on the pattern sale!!

Also, blocking should do wonders for the hem.