Friday, December 18, 2009

And again…

Another 8 inches on the scarf, and the City Socks? Impatient to be done in a NY minute!

The 2 row scarf (well my version—done in long gradual color changing yarn—but not Noro) and done in simple double knitting, not 1 X 1 ribbing) is now 40 inches long.

Looking at the yarn left in the skein, it seems like I will easily get another 20 inches done, (60 inches) maybe even 64—but no way do I have enough yarn for a 72 inch scarf.

So now what? Well, maybe 2 more skeins—and enough to make the long scarf that I think this yarn/pattern demands--and enough extra yarn to make Brooklyn Tweeds 2 row watch cap, too? Really, that hat is a perfect “go with” pattern for this scarf.

Or 1 skein? And work from inside and out, (and maybe a pair of fingerless gloves to match from the remainder?)

All this depends on if the yarn is available! And how much!

Yesterday’s commute got me to 7.25 inches of leg done on the City Sock—at home, I added the single row of contrasting yarn for the afterthought heel.

This AM I got another inch of knitting done. At this point, I am 1 round /decrease short of finishing the decreasing side gusset—and bringing the stitch count back to 60.

I know from experience, an after thought heel (done with 30 stitches, in my firm fabric 8 stitches per inch/ 10 rows per inch gauge) will be just short of 2 inches.

So the back of the sock from base to cuff will be about 9 inches. The finished foot needs to be about 9 inches too--so I am almost half done. Plain knitting is fast work!

You can see the little side gusset (or half of the side gusset) pretty well in the image above…I find these little (5 stitches, each side10 total) add just enough ease for me.

With out them, socks go on my foot (so the fit—sort of) but they are always tight and uncomfortable and the fabric pulls and looks bad.

5 Stitches each side, equals 10 stitches/1.25 inches of ease. Just enough to make the socks really fit comfortable! Generally speaking, there is not so many stitches that the basic pattern of the self striping yarn is disrupted either—the perfect solution!


CraftyGryphon said...

I also did a Noro scarf without the Noro... I think mine is in Lorna's Laces Worsted (?). It's the loveliest scarf I have (and 71").

Anonymous said...

So many possibilities... if only the yarn.