Tuesday, December 29, 2009

As it begins, so it ends.

Philosophical, (not religious) thoughts!
Autism is on the rise.
Yes—all of the above statements are connected.

Last week I wrote a post about autism. (I never posted it) –it was pretty negative, and well, I sometimes use writing to rid myself of negative thoughts! Last year at this time, I also wrote a post about autism—and I started –somewhat reluctantly—an effort to get hats knit for a mini –school for children with autism spectrum disorder.

At the time, the school had 85 some odd children (in school systems in NYC—enrollment varies --almost daily it sometimes seems!).

The whole thing started with a hat I knit for DD's boyfriend--a double knit hat.

She (not he) ask for 80 more for all the students (it was a cold week, and he had in passing, mentioned to her how inadequately dresses some of his students were –they (themselves, their families) just didn’t have the resources, to anticipate the cold weather—and prepare. (many are immigrants)
The Project—crept along—and I had the require number of hats by April…
(Over 30 donors—many donating 2, some donating over a half dozen hats!)

It seemed cruel to give out warm winter hats as the winter came to an end--so I held off.
The plan was to give them out before the winter break—but there was a snag—
Enrollment has grown from 85 to 105!


There are those of you who promised a hat (or a few hats) –and now the pressure is on—DELIVER!

The hats (all 105 of them) will be presented on Little Christmas (as I know it—for some of you, it might be 3 Kings Day) –January 6th.

Some of you promised—well-- I know where you live (so yes, I will drive by and pick them up!) some of you—well I will have an unlimited metro card, and can come meet you. (Monday or Tuesday!)
And coming back to the title of this post—I am knitting a hat (another hat!) –not the tam for myself that I planned, but a double knit hat for donation.

More detail on this project later in the week--but here is a glimpse! the Cast on edge to the left, the basic design to the right.

And so it was in the beginning of the year, (knitting hats for this project) so it is in the end.

The details:
The school—a mini school –(an organized group inside of building that serves both neighborhood children and special needs children) is a NYC public school in the south Bronx.

The children are 1st graders (age 6/7) to 6th graders (age 11/12) so small, medium and adult sizes are needed.
Most, (about 80%) are boys—so gender neutral or boys colors are best.
I’ve printed up tags—with care instructions (for both wool and non wool) fibers—just let me know which tag is needed. (The tags have information in both English and Spanish, and will include the knitter’s first name)
I like the idea that each hat is labeled (and personalized with the knitter’s name)—first name makes it not anonymous, but protect privacy.

If you want to donate a hat--just send me an email (there is a link to email on my about page)--and we'll work something out. You can also contact me via Ravelry.

I have several free patterns post on Ravelry for hats--if you want an idea of what to knit, you can start there.


Virginia G said...

I wish that I was either a faster knitter, or that I'd known about this project earlier in the year.

What a wonderful gift you're giving to these kids!

Anonymous said...

You're doing a fantastic deed. Happy new year!