Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Fewer and fewer, more and more.

Every round there are fewer and fewer stitches, and more and more progress!

I am decreasing from a HUGE number (the turned heel had 18 stitches, and I picked up 18 more stitches on each side of the flap (17 on the flap, + 1 at corner) 54 stitches! Since I am decreasing back to 30, that’s 24 decreases (and rounds!)
And I am just about half way there!
By the time I finish the gusset, a huge chunk of the foot will be knit. (about 3 inches or 1/3 of the total length!)

Meanwhile the socks are making noises again –and insisting that a few rows of checkerboard are needed just before the toe decreases. (and I am inclined to agree!) but that’s a ways off yet—but at an inch or so progress every day—it is less than a week before I’ll be working on the toes!

This sock is a rather conventional one.. Ok, it has a fancy cast on cuff, and a bit of color work here and there, but it follows the basic sock ‘recipe’ –cuff, leg, heel (flap/turned/gusseted—aka F/T/G) foot, and toe.

And really that is how I think of socks—as recipes.

Cakes, come in several different kinds—from the light fluffy (fat free) angel food, to rich, dense almost flour free lava cakes—and each style has a basic recipe.

So too with socks..
First there is direction (toe up/cuff down or novelty!)
Then there is cast on –the choices for cast are dictated to degree by the directions.

The toe shaping, the heel shaping are dictated by direction too—and while its possible to make almost identical heels (in either directions) the process is often different.

But both directions offer many options!

What you do with the leg and foot (patterned? plain? Ribbed? ) are flexible—and while some patterns work better in some directions, many work fine either way for socks.

And like cakes--and cake mixes that have all the ingredients pre-mixed--you can by sock kits, with all the yarn and details worked out.

This sock is, in spite of the cuff and color work—a simple recipe—but it’s turning out quite nicely!


Caffeine Girl said...

I love the way you can go with the flow. I'm still pretty tied to patterns. But I'm working on that!

Anonymous said...

I too liken knitting (most patterns, actually) to recipes -- love finding a mind that thinks like mine :)