Thursday, December 10, 2009


For the next 4 inches, it’s nothing to knit, but knits!

The gussets are long, and the socks are a single row longer than 3.5 inches.

I know for me, 9 inches is about right (from the base of flap to toe)—so I am more than 1/3 done with the foot.

Finishing the gusset was 12 rounds,--since yesterday and a bit over an inch of knitting.

And, what with keeping track of do I (or don’t I) decrease this round, and working the SSK’s and K2tog—(not to mention, 72 stitches per round at the start of the commute) working the gusset takes a bit more time than plain knitting.

So tonight, another 12 round (or more) and tomorrow another 12 + rounds--all together, another 3 inches easily!

And soon after that, it will be time to work a few rounds of checkerboard color work, and shape the toe.

Once the heel is done, for me, sock just fly!

Yesterday Caffeine Girl commented about being tied to patterns.
I understand that... It takes some time to grok socks.
There are some resources that help.

FirstHeels by number! What a great site! Lots of options for shaping, and more options for gauge! These spreadsheet are wonderful.

Second—Nancy Bush—In Knitting Vintage Sock (which I own) and in some of her other books (Folks Socks?), Nancy provides great information on various styles of heels—besides the Flap/turned/gusseted style—and does the same for toe shaping.

Third --Cast On's (why me, of course!)

Socks are the simplest things in the world—and each detail of sock is an opportunity to experiment.

Even experiments that fail are still, most often, functioning socks. (Not perhaps your first choice to wear but still wearable) If you find you always make the same style of toe, or heel, or use the same cast on, here is where you can break out of the rut, and try something new!

(As for Peachy, patients! Last night I went out to dinner, and tonight, it’s water aerobics. So it might be the weekend before I have anything to report.)

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Mildawg said...

I am so looking forward to seeing Peachy finished.
Thanks for the sock resources!