Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Heels! -We have Heels!

And half the stitches for the gussets have been picked up. (photographed in haste, and blurry—but better images tomorrow!)

And once again, I remember why I think it would be nice to continue the turning of the heel in tri color linen stitch—and don’t.

I ended up making the flap 3 rows longer than I planned—in order to get the purple yarn at the right side of the work –and this left the yellow one one side, and the white on the other.

Getting all 3 strands to the center of the heel would have been a PITA—and interfered with the turning.

I could have cut the yellow and white, and started over—but that would have created more ends to weave in--(I already have 4 ends per flap to weave in (and 6 more ends to weave in on one cuff—and more to come if I do a special treatment on the toe!)
And it would have weakened the heel (even the best woven in ends can come loose –especially with a super wash yarn) –No one wants loose stitches and tails woven in on the heel, either!

So a solid purple turn, and back to working in the round.

Peachy was ignored last night—but it’s coming with me to LIC Knits tonight—I doubt I will finish it there—but maybe I’ll knit enough to be done with the lace patterning, (and will be excited enough to finish up the garter stitch hem.)

Winter has arrived—Last week (Friday) it was still 60°! (circa 16°c) –yesterday and today (and the rest of the week) the forecast is for weather in the 30°, (0°c) to the 40’s (8 to 10°c)—I am wearing a short sleeved top –And my bronze angora bamboo gauntlets—and the matching caplet—and feel quite cozy. Yeah for knitting.

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Anonymous said...

Oh man, the weather has been cold cold cold here as well. I love wearing my handknits on days like this.