Monday, December 07, 2009

I got plenty of nothing…(to show)

And nothing is plenty for me.

Knitting the last few inches of the sleeves on Peachy is becoming a chore. A chore I am not too diligent about. I keep ending in the middle of repeats –9 + inches is where I stopped yesterday, --and figured out, just 33 more round till I am done. Anything, even math, is better than knitting this at some times. No photo—and there won’t be one till I am finished knitting--but I will trudge through the last 33 rounds, and I will be happy when it’s done.

I really like the sweater, I am just bored with the sleeves. I could just finish the current lace repeat, and head to the 10 rows of garter—and have sleeves as long as my February Lady sweater—but I do really want ¾ sleeves! So trudge away I will.

Passionate Purple socks are getting heel flaps—and the work is slow going. I have to think about what I am doing—but they are looking good!

Instead of the traditional heel stitch, I went with a tri-color linen stitch—the white and yellow are so close in color value—the resulting fabric looks very different than it would with more balanced colors--But I like it! (You can find a tutorial on tri-color linen stitch here)

Linen stitch makes a firm sturdy fabric, and is a great (but slow going) choice for an alternative to the heel stitch—but it requires more rows—it has a much denser row gauge than a standard heel stitch (which is denser than stocking knit stitch) so I will be working the flap till I have 2.5 inches or so, and totally ignore the row count.

I am going to finish the flaps here at work—I don’t want to have to juggle working them on the subway. I knit my flaps without turning the work—alternate rows of knitting and true left handed knitting

This works great for standard heel stitch—I knit Sl 1, * K1, S1. And on the return row, I just knit (the simplest stitch to do in true left handed knitting.)

In general, it is easier to work linen (single color or tri-color or any version) as all knits—but working backwards with Knits and purl like slips and changing yarns every row is a bit much for the subway (thought I had no trouble doing the checkerboard or chevron patterns there).

I think I am going to continue the linen stitch right into the heel turning.

In additions, one sock has all of the ends woven in--(see the tapestry needle still resting in the cuff) The other has some ends woven in—(the interior ones) but still needs the double cuff to be finished.

So I did make progress on the socks--not all knitting, but progress all the same.

And then there are these simple socks (or the beginning there off)--my City socks (to go with the basic black that is ubiquitous in this city.)

The black cuff is seed stitch (take my word for it) and there is a buttonhole in the band (no buttons yet…but there is plenty of time) and I have already worked one decrease (at the end of the cuff, I had 64 stitches—in another few rounds there will be 60)

These socks are going to have black heels and toes, too, but other than that, plain knitting with the self striping yarn doing all the design work.

So nothing is finished. Lots of bit of knitting here and there, but nothing really to show for it!

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Anonymous said...

What do you mean, "anything, even math?" ;)
I love the stitch you chose for the heels!