Monday, December 14, 2009

I Need Closure…

Because I got me some sleeves!

(Thanks to Lisa (aka TsockTsarina) and Melanie, (aka TeaBird) for the great title for this post.)

Yesterday, at the West Babylon Panera’s, I got the final lace repeat done—and the sleeves measured 11 inches. I also got 4 of the 5 garter ridges knit (8 rounds). At home, I worked on the crossword puzzle (Sunday NYTimes) for a bit, and then, finished up the sleeves--and wove in the last of the yarn tails! (the sleeves are just the perfect length at 12 inches long!)

I’ve been thinking about closure—I thought about clear plastic snaps, to really close the top -and a decorative shawl pin—for style. But the local stores (ie, places I drive to on weekends) haven’t been well stocked with clear snaps.
(And I am too lazy to wander around midtown’s garment district to find a notion store that does have them!)

I thought about hooks and eyes --and started to think about covering the same with matching (or at least coordinating thread) to make them less obvious.
I got so far to think about details (should I use floss? Or pearl cotton? Should I use a needle and make a knotted buttonhole stitch? Or a crochet hook?)

And then as I drove home, I remembered—I have silk.This is
rescued silk—(it was a skirt, in a neat clear plastic bag, being thrown out!) and while its not a perfect match—it’s good enough! I will be (only slightly) insane, and will make dressmaker style cover snaps!

A bit of over kill perhaps –it’s not the fanciest of sweaters-- but pastel orange (if not peachy) snaps will work! Effective, and not too obvious.

And--truth be told--I have been holding out on you—one reason that Peachy didn’t make any progress this week was this—
My take on the 2 row scarf that is so popular—not the same yarn--or even the same stitch (I am working in simple double knit), but clearly the same idea.

I am using this, Traditions yarn from
Jo-Anne’s—I want to try it out. It’s mostly acrylic, (75%) will a bit of wool—but it still claims to need to be treated like wool (hand wash, dry flat). And it’s not that cheap (for mostly acrylic).
It’s soft, it’s pretty, the color changes are wonderful—but it worms!
I made a slight effort to start the skeins at different points of the color way, and for the most part, the color changes have worked.

Sometime the colors are very low contrast—and some times there are very clear, bright stripes.Right now, it is 24 inches long (and 5 inches wide) It will, I think, end up close to 72 inches long—just because that what it tell me is the right length.

I am liking the scarf, but not the yarn.

Meanwhile, I added another inch to the passionate purple socks on Friday’s commute home. I still need a few more rounds before I can start the checkerboard work—and toe. But between today and tomorrow, that is likely to happen. Then I can finish them up (graft the toe seam, and weave in the last of the tails) at Tuesday knit night.

Waiting--for that moment are the somber City Socks—which should work up fast.

Next up?
2 things—some sleeve (fitted) for Peachy—(some think like these that I made for February Lady) and some hats...
This pattern is calling to me—(on Patons blog--a free PDF--but you have to register to see it)
I think maybe this color way—that dark purple is the same color (but not dye lot) as my February Lady— and I think the gold will go well with the hand painted yarn in the yoke.

But then, again, I like this color combo better—I think the yellow green is a better fit (color wise)
Chances are-- I will end up making hats in both color combos!

I am toying with lace sleeves for Peachy (and the plain Water Chestnut color (peach)) color. And with a set of Fair Isle gauntlets. to match the hat!
Choices, choices, so many choices!


teabird said...

Closure is so important. After all, it can get drafty without it.

Melissa said...

I can't wait to see how the snaps turn out. I like the first color combo for the tams but it's hard to see exactly how they'll turn out, the colors are used in such interesting ways in the pattern. I bet they will both look great :)

UnderMeOxter said...

I haven't come across the term "worms" in relation to yarn before. As always, I learn something new when I read your blog!

Anonymous said...

Great job on peachy, and a fantastic idea to make silk snaps.

Unknown said...