Wednesday, December 30, 2009

If a little is good…

Isn’t an excess better?

I recognize I tend to live by this philosophy(part of me recognizes it's not the best)

For many years, I had doubles of many things…
In the kitchen, 2 can openers, 2 bottle openers, 2 sets of bowls, 2 sets of measuring cups, 2 sets of measuring spoons, 2 sets of cookie sheets, 2 sets of…

I had 2 sets of spices, too, one ‘sweet’ and one ‘savory’—but there were overlaps.. Clove and cinnamon made both the sweet and savory rack, as did ginger, nutmeg, allspice, too.

Almond, lemon and orange extract made both too, as did citrus zests—I often use fresh zest—but in a pinch, dried will work, too!—and seeds like caraway, poppy and sesame also good on both sides of the kitchen.

Mints too—I grew mints (Ha! Mints are weeds that grow themselves!) and at various time had peppermint, spearmint, chocolate mint, pineapple mint—and others.

My current kitchen is 1/4th the size—and I live alone (and don’t have to worry about someone misplacing something, and needing to turn to the backup) so I have very few doubles any more (though some have survived)

But the need for excess hasn't disappeared, it’s been converted.

I counted my socks. At first, I thought the total was 37 (an embarrassing large number)—Then I realized, the new socks weren’t included (City Socks) and then yesterday, looked for, and couldn’t find my forest green socks (misplaced? missed the hamper?)—which means 39 pairs. Definitely excessive!

10 pairs are new this year (nine I kept, the 10th was gifted)—but here is the really bad news: I bought enough sock yarn this year for 20 pairs of socks—so even with knitting 10 pairs of socks, there is a net increase in my stash. And almost every pair of socks was knit with less than a full ball (50gm) of yarn—so the bag of left over bits—is bigger, too! And, (worse!) I have no plans to stop knitting socks—so the number of pairs will only be bigger next year!--even though I do have plans to give away a few pairs of socks this year (at least 2 pairs!)

I knit 2 sweaters this year too, (Me! A person who rarely wears sweaters—now I have 2 more not to wear very often!) Plus some scarves and shawls, and fingerless gloves—I am slightly amazed at just how much I have knit!

In addition to over 20 successful hats, I have 2 unsuccessful ones—(I might frog, I might not—but they are not what I wanted—as sometimes happens, and most definitely not wearable.

Today, I will finish the double knit hat—NOT—as a double knit head band—I’ll count it as a hat—for both Ravelry and my hat project.

It’s a pretty simple design… (I will post a free pattern on Ravelry –if not today, then tomorrow.)

And maybe make an almost identical one—(a different snowflake/star pattern) –and finish the second as a hat.


Virginia G said...

I'm a little jealous of your sockitude. :)

I tried to find the e-mail me link on your profile and failed, but in answer to your comment on my blog, yes I'm on ravelry, (MissVirginia) we "met" briefly when you kindly explained to me that you were "Of Troy" not "Oft Roy" in a PM.

Which made a lot more sense.

Melissa said...

You can always send some of those socks to me :) I'm trying to knit more socks for myself this coming year.

Anonymous said...

A little excess is not a bad thing -- especially when it comes to knit goods (or spices!)