Monday, December 21, 2009

In case you’ve been sleeping—

I just wanted to let you know, It snowed.

NYC (officially) got some 10 inches of snow—out by me (east of the ‘official’ record, we got 14 or so inches (I tried to measure someplace with out to much drifting.) The front window of my car had 14 inches for sure—but the rear window and trunk?—No snow at all on the rear window, a ¼ inch or so on part of the trunk lid.
I worked Saturday, and came home (at 5 pm or so) to not much more than a dusting. I was late getting home because I stopped to shop—Vegetables!
My thinking (and I am capable of some very faulty thinking!) was SOUP.

So I wanted some onions—and I cheap-ed out.
2lb bags of onions were $0.99—but a big 10 lb bag was only $3.50! So, of course I bought 10 lbs of onions (I’ve done this sort of thing before—only last time I bought 20 lbs!)So i have some onions (and then some!)

I got some potatoes (both white and sweet), some carrots, some scallions; tomatoes too--And a big hand of ginger, too. (That is a lot of vegetables!)

There would be a big pot of onion soup –I love thick homemade onion soup.
There would be carrot ginger soup.
There would be baked potato soup.

And the rest of the ginger would be grated—and a fresh ginger bread would warm the spirits—the cake like ginger bread, not the crisp cookie sort.
While the oven was on ---well, maybe some fresh bread too!

OK, so I got the carrots and ginger cooked (it will be pureed into soup tonight)

I got the potatoes baked.

The stuffing will become soup on Tuesday. The shells were garnished with grated cheese and chopped bacon bits and chives and became Sundays supper.

Baked potato soup is simple a creamy mashed (the center of baked) potatoes( + 1 more, cubed), and onion soup (some white onion—sautéed, and lots of other members of the onion family—mine includes roast garlic, scallions, leeks and chives—I love all sorts of onions, and always have a selection of all the members of the onion family on hand (–not in the soup, but could be, shallots—cause I have them too!)
I skip the sour cream –but do add some half and half—in the end, it’s garnished with more chives and some bacon bits. It’s really a simple soup—but a good tasting one—a vichyssoise soup, really, served hot .

The onions? Still sitting there. Well they won’t spoil in a day or two—maybe some onion soup for St Stephens Day!( A big POT of soup!)

The ginger bread? The yeasted bread? (The cookies?)
Figments of an active imagination!

What I did do, is a great job shoveling out my car… I cut an 8 foot opening in the plow berm—and got down to blacktop in front, behind, and all around the car.

The weather report I heard Saturday predicted below freezing weather all week. But it warmed up to a few decrees about freezing, and now most of what was left of the snow berm –even where I didn’t shovel—is gone (well by my car!)

Alternate side street parking is suspended today—but will likely be back in effect on Thursday (and I am parked in on the Thursday side of the street) I don’t think I am going to give the space up before that!

Oh, yeah knitting.. this is a blog mostly about KNITTING (not cooking or weather!) Well not much.

I had a book, and read most of the way home on Saturday, so the sock didn’t see any progress.

The striped scarf? Well I found 1 (just 1) ball of the same yarn—and finished up the first two balls, and started with the new on (working both ends of the skein) More than 54 inches but not quite 56—so some progress was made!

The 2 balls got me to about 48 inches—1 more ball should be enough for another 22 to 24 inches (or the desired 70 (at least inches)) –and it shouldn’t take too long!


Anonymous said...

Yes, we've been getting news of your snow. Wow!
Talks of soup and deliciousness made my mouth water; and I'm glad you found some more yarn.

gayle said...

Soup is the best thing ever on cold snowy days. Yours sound wonderful!