Thursday, December 03, 2009

An Inch!

Completed on the way home. How quick the socks progress with no pattern to work, and stranding to contend with!

This morning, the cuff was more cooperative, and let me take a better pictures.

It still needs ends woven in--and some small stitches to make it sit just so. But at least you can see it a bit of what it is about.

I started with white yarn, and a long tail cast on.
Immediately, I changed to the purple, and worked 4 rows of stocking knit.
(I thought I might add 2 rows of Yellow instead of 4 rows of purple, but the yarn serious asserted itself, and squashed that idea!)

Then a Latvian twist, followed by a few more rows of stocking knit.

At this point, this bit of knitting was put aside, and I started again, with another long tail cast on in white, followed by the purple—only this second cast on was larger (more stitches—I’d give you the count, but I messed up, and if you followed, you’d mess up too!)

After 5 rows of the purple, a Latvian twist again, and then decreases (worked in yellow and purple) and a fancy elongated stitch in yellow too.

Then, the two sets of cast on’s were joined into a single fabric, and the ribbing began. After an inch or so of ribbing, I checked the count--and found I had WAY TO MANY stitches! Obviously, I still have a problem doing basic things like counting! (Especially when distracted by noisy yarn!) As is, I am knitting the leg portion of the sock with 64 stitches (not my usual 60) so the color work doesn't stretch out too much--and distort. (I could be vain, and point out, the color work is as loose and stretchy as the solid stocking knit!)

So a band of continuous cross stitch—as a break--(a bit tedious!) and another inch of ribbing. The continuous cross stitch made it easy to change the number of stitches in the ribbing, and keep it normal looking.

As soon as the ribbing ended, the color work started!

They are now about 5.5 inches long—and will likely get another 2 or 3 inches more of some plain knitting before I start the heel flap.

Peachy? Is being patient. Last night, when I should have been knitting some more lace, I was, instead playing with yarn—I am going to knit the Patons blog fair isle tam—several of them, I think—and I am deciding on the colors.

And thinking about the revisions... The images I have seen of the completed tams are too small for my taste—I’ll need to add a few more rows, and an extra set or two of increases to fit my bowling ball sized head –and family members share this characteristic—so if I knit for others, they will need larger hats too!

One tam--for me-- will feature the same water chestnut (pale peach) and current (dark coral orange yarn) that are being used in Peachy--plus 3 other colors. I think I’ll make some fingerless glove to match too. Not a Oh, so cutesy matched set of sweater and tam and fingerless gloves—but enough over lap in colors that I won’t look like a clown.

But that is getting ahead of myself! (There are so many skeins of yarn crying out ME, Me next! That it’s hard to find a moments peace!)


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I'm lovin' those! Can't wait to see how they turn out.

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